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"Magnet" will train employees in work at an udalenka using "TalentTech. Training"

Customers: Tander Retail network Magnet


Product: Talenttech. Training

Project date: 2020/03  - 2020/05

2020: Implementation "Talenttech. Training"

On May 21, 2020 the Magnit company reported that it will train employees in work at an udalenka and to security bases in the conditions of a coronavirus using the solution Talenttech. Training. Also the company will test and will train employees in cyber security bases, ownership of the statistical device, Excel and skills of remote communication.

According to the company, for the period of the quarantine many staff of network had to pass to a remote format of work, mainly it concerned an office personnel – 85% from them. The company management decided to use this time for gain of competences of a command and development of basic digital skills.

The digital-employee competences demanded for May, 2020 are crucial for deduction of positions in the market, especially in the conditions of transition to an udalenka. During crisis win those companies which use this time for development and gain of skills of a command: increase in prof preparation will lead to an increase in labor productivity and the general competitiveness.

Ivan Shugaylov, the head of the product Talenttech told. Training

Work in the mode of self-isolation gave the chance to our employees to use free time with advantage for the professional development. In this plan instruments of digital training which are provided by TalentTech are very relevant. For May, 2020 time we turned on a packet of digital trainings in the training program of personnel. For example, the employee passes test on the TalentTech platform, defines the level of proficiency in this or that digital skill and after that studies the specific direction. Thus, the worker should not master all rate, he studies only that it is really necessary for it. According to the results of the passable rate on the platform, proceeding from requirement, we enlist it already on the following level on the internal rate. Such approach is convenient and effective for employees, saves their time. For the company it is an opportunity to make training more various, interesting and profitable.

Elena Faber, the director of corporate academy "Magnit" commented

The solution works as follows:

  • The majority of tests are adaptive

Level of complexity of questions in the test changes depending on success of the answer to previous. It allows to reduce by 50% time of passing of the test approximately.

  • The solution makes an individual educational track

Defines and directs the user to training only in relevant skills and subjects in skill. It reduces the individual development plan (IDP) approximately by 60% and saves time due to determination of the developed zones and identification of specific subjects in the section according to which it is necessary to doobuchit the employee. The involvement into training after tests is 65 percent.

  • On a passing result the head receives analytics

The solution includes dashboard on users, skills and positions and also data for acceptance of management decision on top skills for the subsequent training. The solution does not see personal data of employees, phone numbers and logins only registered. The company receives the unloaded analytics automatically.

According to the results of testing the employee receives content prepared for it for development in skills necessary for it. Existence of the skills given for gain saves time of HR department – they do not need to look for and plan the training program.

  • Mikrolerning

The human brain easier perceives the dosed information, than large volume of data at once.

Using TalentTech. Training the company is going to enhance skills of an infobezopasnost in the conditions of remote work with data and also competences of remote communication.