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"Tape" and iGooods started the product delivery in Saratov, Tver and Ufa

Customers: Tape Network of retail

St. Petersburg; Trade

Project date: 2019/09  - 2020/04



Start of the product delivery in Saratov, Tver and Ufa

"Tape", one of retail networks of Russia, and delivery service of the products iGooods began to cooperate in Saratov, Tver and Ufa. On May 21, 2020 Tape reported about it.

Residents of these cities can order products in Tape on the website and in the iGooods application. The electronic directory includes for May, 2020 37 thousand positions of the range. Their cost will be identical to the price in shop including on promotional offers.

Thanks to expansion of geography of our partnership with iGooods service residents of the cities of presence of Lenta can purchase the goods and brands provided in shops of network without leaving the house. Thus we not only save time of our buyers, but also we care for their health,


In Tver delivery cost will be from 199 rubles, in the Zavolzhye district of-249 rubles, it is available in all districts of the city. The minimum cost of service in Saratov – 199 rubles. At an initial stage service will cover the central parts of all areas. In Ufa the minimum delivery cost – 240 rubles. It depends on the weight of the order and remoteness from hypermarket. Inhabitants October, Soviet, Dyomsky and also the central parts of Kirovski, Ordzhonikidzevsky and Lenin areas will be able to use service at an initial stage. Further the geography of service will extend.

Residents of Tver, Saratov and Ufa are already familiar with delivery services of products: both federal, and local players are presented at the market. We are ready to compete with them on the service level and the range. iGooods places a particular emphasis on security and offers an opportunity of contactless delivery. In the future we will connect delivery from other hypermarkets,
told the managing director and the co-founder of delivery service of the products iGooods Grigory Kunis.

Start of the platform for the order of products together with iGooods

On April 1, 2020 it became known that Tape and delivery service of the products iGooods started the platform on the basis of Whitelabel technology which allows to issue the order on the website of the retailer.

Thanks to the concept of Whitelabel any user will be able to order goods on the website in the section Product delivery, without visiting the website iGooods. The staff of service will render services in assembly and delivery of orders and to provide technical support of service.

Buyers will be able to get access to a product catalog of convenience goods which contains about 30 thousand names for April 1, 2020.

Delivery via the website of retail chain stores will be available in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Belgorod, Orenburg, Surgut, Barnaul and Kingisepp (Leningrad Region). Further the geography and the range of online store will extend.

We are sure that our partnership will allow Tape to strengthen the positions in the market and to offer our clients convenient, profitable methods of purchase at stable high-quality service on assembly and delivery,
commented the director of strategy and innovations of Lenta company Dmitry Skiba

The retailer "Lenta" became one of the first partners of iGooods from where service began to perform the product delivery. During our cooperation only from this network we brought more than half a million orders. For half a year we carried out technical integration and created the platform. The whitelabel model will allow to increase sales to retail network, and we will be able to expand audience of clients,
told Grigory Kunis, the managing director and the co-founder of delivery service of the products iGooods