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The Ivanovo region and "Digital economy" will accelerate implementation of digital solutions in the social and economic sphere of the region

Customers: Administration of the Ivanovo region

Ivanovo; Government and social institutions

Project date: 2020/04

2020: Cooperation within project implementation of the national program "Digital Economy of Russia"

The administration of the Ivanovo region and the Digital Economy organization agreed about cooperation within project implementation of the national program "Digital Economy of Russia" in the territory of the Ivanovo region. The relevant agreement was signed by the governor of the Ivanovo region Stanislav Voskresensky and the CEO of the Digital Economy organization Evgeny Kovnir. On May 22, 2020 reported about it to ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika.

The agreement provides increase in efficiency of public administration in the Ivanovo region due to application of information technologies and the organization of collaboration in start of the technological solutions aimed at providing the accelerated implementation of digital technologies in economy, the social sphere, the public and municipal administration.

Agreement signature - an important step for implementation of digital services and platforms in the territory of the Ivanovo region. Together with regional authorities and business community we will accelerate digitalization of economy and the social sphere of the region, spheres of the public and municipal administration. The base of regional cases of digital transformation created by the Digital Economy organization which for May, 2020 contains more than 200 projects will become one of sources of solutions. These are the effective digital solutions checked in practice which, it is sure, will help to make life in the Ivanovo region more comfortable and technological,


the Specific digital solutions priority for implementation in the Ivanovo region, will be defined within the strategic session "Digital Pumping of the Region". Work is organized in such priority directions as municipal economy, public administration, digital pumping of business and the personnel for digital economy. Representatives of federal and regional public authorities, local government authorities, organizations and enterprises of the region, representatives of ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika, the leading Russian IT companies and institutes of development participate in an action. Within the strategic session will create key initiatives and specific digital solutions for implementation in the region. "Digital pumping" is an opportunity to receive examination of the leading Russian companies and to adopt experience of practical implementation of the best digital products. It is especially important to concentrate all efforts and attention on those projects which will bring real results in the nearest future and will allow to improve quality of life of inhabitants of the region", -