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"Subsidiary" of Merlion received the contract for creation of the IT system for compulsory health insurance for 405 million rubles

Customers: Compulsory health insurance federal fund

Moscow; Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care

Contractors: OTR

Project date: 2020/07

At the end of July, 2020 it became known that the Organizational Technological Solutions 2000 company (OTR) entering into the Merlion group won the tender for development of the IT system for Federal Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (compulsory health insurance). The cost of the contract is 405 million rubles.

Under the terms of the agreement, OTR will have to create new subsystems of the GIS "Documents Compulsory Health Insurances", "Uniform Access Point" and "Fund of Algorithms and Programs" till October, 2021, and to unroll already developed the systems of the centralized data analysis of TFCMI and electronic document management.

Besides, the company should prepare a target functional and technical architecture and develop technical requirements to perspective changes in GIS compulsory health insurance and also increase efficiency of the operating system, it is specified in technical specifications to the contractor of the order from Federal Compulsory Health Insurance Fund on the website of state procurements.

"Subsidiary" of Merlion received the development contract of the IT system for compulsory health insurance for 405 million rubles

Assumes that the Documents Compulsory Health Insurances system will allow participants of the compulsory health insurance program, including SMO, to create and sign agreements on providing means from budgets of FCMIF, TFCMI and also there will be an opportunity to unload data on the state task which distributes federal fund between the medical organizations. Access to data it will be opened for users who have registration on the new platform. In the last will also start a chat and the section with methodical materials.

According to the Vademec edition with reference to data of Kartoteka, "Organizational technological solutions 2000" is a traditional contractor of government contracts of Department information technologies Moscow, Federal Treasury and other state structures.

In addition to OTR, the National Center of Informatization (NCI) company also applied for development of the IT system of compulsory health insurance.[1]