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Tibermash of Baikal automated work with the help of the EDMS Thesis

Customers: Timbermash Baikal

Irkutsk; Mechanical engineering and instrument making

Contractors: Haulmont
Product: THESIS
На базе: CUBA.platform

Project date: 2019/03  - 2019/08

2019: Implementation of EDMS Thesis

On September 9, 2019 the Haulmont company reported that vekotory time ago in Timbermash of Baikal was made the decision on system implementation of electronic document management. The company needed to automate approval and accounting of agreements and also registration of solutions of meetings at the general management. The tool for acquaintance of employees with internal local regulating documents and acts was in addition necessary.

Tibermash Baikal

When choosing EDMS price relation and qualities became a decisive argument for benefit of EDMS THESIS. The built-in ability to integrate EDMS THESIS with the Incomand corporate portal became separate advantage.

Timbermash of Baikal selected Expanded edition of the THESIS system. It allows to accelerate document flow due to automation and also to implement additional business processes by means of the built-in visual designer or a possibility of change of the system code. Besides, in EDMS THESIS there is a built-in tool for setting of instructions and control of their execution. A system sends notifications on purpose of a task or change of its status.

Also the possibility of the organization of meetings is provided: preparation of the agenda, formation of protocols and setting of instructions on the basis of solutions of meetings. In addition in the company the Incomand corporate portal was set. It not only allows to automate informal workflows: the publication of news and information messages, storage of all necessary documents and reference books, the organization of the corporate calendar, etc., but also will be the main point of entry for clients of the company. Directly from a corporate portal it is possible to create the document and to send it for approval or to set the task to any employee. To the contrary, the local regulating documents and acts approved in EDMS can be sent to the portal where all employees will be able to get acquainted with it.

At last, Timbermash of Baikal purchased licenses for mobile application of EDMS THESIS for all users. Thus, the staff of the company can get access to a system at any time and worldwide.

In Timbermash of Baikal both the corporate portal, and EDMS are set. Business processes of the organization, including specific process of "Approval of the Manager of Legal Service" company are configured. The administrator can independently modify if necessary a system through the visual designer. In the company further development of EDMS THESIS is planned,
tells about the project the chief of ITO "Timbermash Baikal" Vladimir Sychev