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"The central Asian Electrical power Corporation" implemented the EDMS Thesis

Customers: TsAEK, Central Asian Electrical power Corporation (CAEPCO)


Contractors: EnSoft, Nur-Sultan
Product: THESIS
На базе: CUBA.platform

Project date: 2017/12  - 2018/12
Number of licenses: 3000

On June 6, 2019 the company Haulmont reported that "Central Asian Electrical Power Corporation" (CAEPC) it implemented a system THESIS for the purpose of business process automation. The project started at the end of 2017. In a year as a result of project implementation EDMS of TEZIS a common information space for 13 organizations entering into holding is created. The most significant modifications of a system are implemented: process automation of connection to power supply networks and purchases of goods, integration with ASUPFIA Ellipse and 1C OF MANAGEMENT OF MANUFACTURING PLANTS PERSONNEL and also unification of document templates.

Originally the task of holding consisted in control automation by process of technology accession. When choosing the solution the scalability and broad functionality became key characteristics. At successful accomplishment of an initial task a system was going to be used for automation of other processes. In addition, the opportunity for work remotely, including, from the mobile device appeared an important condition. Also the cost of ownership of a system and term of its implementation were considered.

The pilot project of control automation was implemented by process of technology accession in Akmola distribution electric grid companyHaulmont JSC " (AREK). the implementation project and development of a system in TsAEK were implemented by the partner of the company — system integrator limited liability partnership EnSoft. The EDMS THESIS command acted as consultants. After a successful exit of the modified system in industrial operation automation of this process in all holding began.

The decision to implement the main functionality of EDMS in all holding is in parallel made: office and office-work and also to automate other specific business processes of the customer. As of June, 2019 a system successfully maintains a high load: in total more than 3000 active users and over 800 simultaneous connections. Through office daily there pass about 1700 outgoing, entering and internal documents.

"In EDMS THESIS reliable storage and quick search of documents is provided, the risk of their loss decreased. Considerably the volume of paper document flow decreased. The number of the paper documents arriving on the resolution to heads decreased by 70%. Also for 70% need of petition is excluded. Completely registration in paper magazines stopped. One more important result — to us is possible to save time of employees considerably. Registration, processing and approval of documents take place 20-50% quicker, depending on a document type and process steps",

noted Irina Sergeyeva, the project manager of project management department of TsAEK