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Elar digitized book monuments from the Tula scientific library

Customers: Tula regional universal scientific library

Tula; Science and education

Product: ELAR Planskan

Project date: 2012/04  - 2020/01

2020: Carrying out the next stage on digitization of rare editions

On February 13, 2020 ELAR corporation announced carrying out next a stage of works on digitization of rare editions for the Tula regional scientific library.

Carrying out the next stage on digitization of rare editions

The Tula regional scientific library locates a considerable collection of book monuments which preserving is in number of priorities of activity of organization. So, in 2019 within the actions of the national Culture program at the expense of means of the state program "Cultural development and tourism of Tula region" is digitized more than 300 documents, and ELAR Corporation was attracted to work with the most valuable of them. Among book monuments, for example, "The ancient legend on a victory of the Grand duke Dimitrii Ioannovich Donskago over Mamay" (Moscow, 1829).

Not only for the Tula region, but also for all Russia, the memory of Battle of Kulikovo is sacred therefore the book was included in the list of documents for digitization. Also the chronicler with a genealogy" was digitized "Short Russian (St. Petersburg, 1760), it was made by M.V. Lomonosov in 1759. It is known that there are three editions dated 1760, but differing in set and a twiddle. The digitized copy represents the most rare first edition,
tells the deputy CEO of GUK TO "The regional library and information complex managing structural division "Tula regional scientific library" Tatyana Viktorovna Tikhonenkova

Among the digitized books - "Pleshcheeva Obozreniye of Rossiyskiya of the Empire in a Present Eya a Status" (St. Petersburg, 1790) on which pages there is a description of the Tula namestnichestvo. Among remarkable features of the city of Tula the author notes, in particular, "the nice iron and small-arms factory supplying with weapon all Russian army". All editions were digitized by specialists of Corporation on a professional equipment of ELAR which provided careful and high-quality scanning of originals. As a result of work the array of e-books with modern search opportunities and an array of bibliographic records was created.

The digitized book monuments are placed in full text base of the Tula regional scientific library, to them access to the Internet on its website is organized.

Considering that the base contains unique editions - manuscripts of the 17-19th centuries, local history literature, it is very demanded by readers. The full text base is visited by 1600-1800 remote users monthly. In spite of the fact that our organization is equipped with the planetary scanner, there is a staff, the documents which are engaged in scanning, in this project use of the specialized equipment and technologies was necessary for digitization of book monuments. The library had reliable long-term partnership with Corporation, qualitatively and in time repeatedly performing all complex of works on digitization of funds,
comments Tatyana Viktorovna Tikhonenkova

2012: Implementation of ELAR Planskan of A2.V-Ts3R

According to the results of the state order of Tula region of an auction which is carried out by Committee ELAR corporation implements a complex of planetary scanning of ELAR Planskan A2.V-Ts3R in the Tula regional universal scientific library. The library will use the new equipment for improvement of processes of rendering public services in electronic form and filling of full text databases.

The equipment allows to digitize the stitched and large-format originals (to A2) there are books, directories, ancient volumes and others, including valuable and shabby, documents. In the device the innovation reprosistema of LED lighting is applied by "a moving band". The lighters expected all term of scanner life exclude harmful effects of light on valuable editions and provide the most comfortable working conditions of the operator.

Now Public institution of culture "Tula regional universal scientific library" is one of the main information centers of the region. Equipment of library the modern equipment will allow librarians of a message effective work on formation of electronic resources, providing to readers access to electronic copies of rare and valuable editions and preserving of cultural heritage.