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Upakcentre optimized management of delivery using a 1C system: TMS

Customers: Upakcentre


Contractors: ITOB (AYTOB)
Product: 1С:TMS Logistics. TMS Control of transport and transportations
На базе: 1C:Enterprise 8.3

Project date: 2018/11  - 2019/04
Number of licenses: 7

On May 14, 2019 the company "AYTOB" announced project completion on system implementation "1С:TMS Logistics. Management of transportations" in distributor the company "Upakcentre". Work logisticians and managers is as a result automated, operational planning of delivery of orders to several regions is organized Russia, routes are optimized, control of work transport and accomplishment of runs is strengthened.

Delivery service of Upakcentre company

For increase in efficiency of transport division the management Upakcentre decided to implement a modern TMS system which would allow to automate management of delivery, to optimize routes, to provide operational plan-fact job analysis of transport, to organize the notification of clients about the planned delivery time of orders.

As for operational accounting in the company solutions based on "1C:Enterprise 8" are used – for control automation delivery selected a system "1C: TMS Logistics. Management of transportations". In 2 months specialists of AYTOB automated 7 jobs, customized a system under requirements of the company, integrated 1C:TMS with the Wilaon system, with GLONASS/GPS the system of the customer, configured exchange data with ERP ASTOR, provided user training.

Key project deliverables for May, 2019:

  • Problems of planning are automated. In a system the "ant" algorithm of planning of cargo delivery to several regions of Russia and back, including to Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Barnaul is implemented. Logisticians quickly estimate the needs for transportation of goods, process requests, select transport and drivers, create runs and routes, calculate cost value of transportations. At the same time labor costs of employees are reduced, all key tasks are carried out in the automatic mode.
  • Integration with a GLONASS/GPS a system to which 12 own cars of the company are connected allows managers to control in real time tasks for delivery – all information obtained with a GLONASS/GPS of trackers is broadcast in 1C:TMS, employees do not need to switch in other program, data on location of transport are displayed on electronic cards in 1C:TMS. Besides, in a system it is possible to create detailed analytical reports about different operation parameters of transport. Report generation on runs is implemented. It helps the management to estimate efficiency of use of the CU, to stop deviations from routes, to react timely to all non-staff situations.
  • A common information space for all divisions of the company is organized. ASTOR simplified automatic data exchange between 1C:TMS and ERP and accelerated interaction of employees from different departments, for information exchange it is not necessary to go from an office to an office any more or to call colleagues.

"1C:TMS Logistics. Management of transportations" helped us to automate delivery planning. It is important that nothing had to be finished, requirements of our company almost for 98% are covered by standard functionality of the program. Many tasks of logisticians and managers are solved more quickly, labor costs of personnel are reduced. Further we will expand system scopes: in particular, we are going to connect prilozheniyeitob: The mobile client for control of work of drivers and forwarding agents on departure and to configure registration of time of departure of vehicles from a warehouse".

Alexey Konstantinovich Tyavin, head of department of automation of Upakcentre Company