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In "Uralsib Insurance" the platform of robotization UiPath is implemented

Customers: Uralsib Insurance

Moscow; Insurance

Contractors: Croc
Product: UiPath Platform

Project date: 2019/08  - 2020/02

2020: Implementation of the UiPath platform

Staff of SK "Uralsib Insurance" will be able to reduce time for accomplishment of routine tasks to 20 times. It will become possible thanks to implemented IT- the company Croc robotizations based on the platform UiPath. Partners implemented a pilot project and robotized starting agreements of century accounting system 1C. The Croc reported about it on March 25, 2020.

For increase in efficiency business processes the SK IT command "Uralsib Insurance" decided to check previously need of implementation of technology of robotization for backbone business blocks of the company: operational block, settlement of losses and accounting. An industry command the Croc Insurance and robotization experts Croc helped the working group of SK "Uralsib Insurance" to select the most reasonable processes for robotization and created the robot for the first selected pilot process.

Development was performed in two weeks from the moment of receiving input from the customer. The technical specifications consisted of video recorded by the staff of insurance company. On record actions of the person who is carrying out a task which needed to be robotized afterwards were shown.

Full digitalization requires automation of our internal business processes. Start of the robots executing routine transactions in IT systems allows to increase the speed of execution of operations and that is important, to cut down expenses on maintenance of business with simultaneous increase in number of the carried-out tasks in unit of time. Robots work round the clock, every day and never are tired and are not mistaken. It allows us not only to increase the level of service, but also to direct resources to more difficult tasks,
noted the deputy CEO for IT URALSIB Insurance Vlad Bunto

In Croc the industry command which specializes in work with insurance companies is created. We communicate with clients in one language and we understand their business processes. It gives us the chance to offer effective IT solutions and also to implement projects in the shortest possible time. So, we developed the first program robot for SK "Uralsib Insurance" without technical specifications, being based only on video from the staff of the company. It is remarkable that the program robot is capable to execute work for which the person spends about 20 minutes in 1 minute. It allows to release personnel resources for accomplishment of more intellectual tasks,
reported Denis Gavrilov, the director of business development of Croc IT company in insurance