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VTB Leasing developed a personal account of operational leasing

Customers: VTB Leasing

Moscow; Financial services, investments and audit

Contractors: Bell Integrator
Product: Projects of IT outsourcing

Project date: 2017/04  - 2020/04

2020: Development and deployment of a personal account of the client of operational leasing

VTB Leasing Group and Bell Integrator company completed the project of development and deployment of a personal account of the client of operational leasing. On May 21, 2020 VTB reported about it. After its start any client renting vehicles will be able to obtain necessary information and to order services online, increasing effective management of vehicle fleet. Automation of service will allow the lessor to increase the volume of services without increase in labor costs and number of staff of specialists.

The started personal account represents a convenient working space for operational obtaining information on the lease agreement and also for the order of services. In it there is all necessary for effective work:

  • information on lease agreements (contractual documentation, vehicles, insurance contracts, penalties for violation of traffic regulations, the report on the rented vehicle fleet);
  • possibility of the order of services;
  • possibility of message exchange and files;
  • individual offers and actions.

Settings of a profile of the client allow to provide access to an office not only company management and the employees responsible for vehicle fleet, but also that who directly uses the car. With respect thereto the total number of users of a system can exceed tens of thousands of people while the personal account will be used round the clock.

Since 2019 clients of VTB Leasing can use a personal account of financial leasing which contains data on all leasing agreements, vehicles, insurance policies and penalties of traffic police (for transport registered in traffic police on VTB Leasing). In the same place information on made payments is provided and dates of the subsequent are specified, invoices and also personal special offers and actions are stored.

VTB Leasing actively moves towards the concept of "the paperless company". At us the majority of transactions take place online, as well as internal business processes. We gradually transfer all work with documents to an electronic format. At the same time it is important that our clients have an opportunity quickly too to address them as well as to monitor a status of the agreements, and to control vehicle fleet status. We aim to satisfy the need of the market for an interactive format of online communication to simplify interaction for our clients, and constantly we finish functionality of the website of the company,
noted the operating officer of GK VTB Leasing Sergey Marinich.


Upgrade of the RBS system

Project Tasks

Development of two modules online of a system of remote banking for legal entities: "Credits for medium business" and "Documentary business".

Project Progress

Requirements are created and the architecture of modules is designed; program components of modules are developed; the functional, automated, stress testing is held; the user documentation is developed.

The used technologies:

Project Results

Clients of bank - legal entities received the modern tool convenient online for the solution of the business challenges.

Creation of decision making support system

Project Tasks

The tool with the single interface displaying key indicators and results of work of Department and also the divisions interacting with it was necessary for support of a quality management process of the IT company.

Project Progress

During the project the full stroke of works on creation of a system was executed: from design and requirements gathering before transfer to commercial operation. Requirements of business customers more than from 10 divisions of bank were updated, the system architecture including is developed including, a subsystem of processing and storage of collected data and also process of visualization of indicators is implemented. The standard measure type is developed taking into account models of designers of bank for providing a uniform type of all reports.

The used technologies:

Project Results

The created solution helps the management of DIT to obtain quickly information on key activities, to understand a reason for rejection of indicators from regulation and to make operational decisions on the basis of the available data. As of November, 2019 in decision making support system nearly 200 indicators for 18 panels (reports) are implemented, over 50 types of data sources are connected. About 300 people use the acquired information, and interest constantly grows: so, if on start of the project there were about 10 visits of a system a week, then according to the results of the project this number makes 3000 unique visits a month.

Completion of development of a personal account

On October 17, 2019 the Bell Integrator company announced project completion of development and deployment of a personal account of the user of autoleasing for VTB Leasing. Now clients of the company can obtain all necessary information and the services provided to VTB Leasing via the website. The created platform for remote service considerably reduces loss of production time in interaction of the parties, simplifies business processes and development of new services, and as the result, positively affects satisfaction of users with work of leasing firm.

During the project specialists of Bell Integrator company created a system on the basis of modern technologies, the concept, architecture, design, interfaces and a backend - services of a system is developed. All sections of an office are most convenient and functional. The interface has adaptive design that gives the chance of use of all functions of an office by owners of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

In a personal account there are all necessary functions for interaction of clients with the company:

  • the aggregated information on agreements of leasing (vehicles, the insurance contract, payment schedules, penalties of traffic regulations);
  • copies of agreements of leasing and connected primary documents;
  • possibility of the order and receiving more than thirty types of service connected with performance of agreements of leasing;
  • reconciliation of settlement;
  • settlement accounting documents;
  • message exchange and files between clients and the leasing company;
  • special offers and actions.

When developing special attention was paid to security. The system of accounts of users and two-level authorization guarantee that nobody will be able to get access to data of the company, except authorized employees and the client.

For October, 2019 the quantity connected to service is several thousands of people, this number quickly grows, and is planned that by the end of 2019 it will increase in tens of times.

In turn, service also continues to develop. Bell Integrator conducts work on the next version of the program which more will allow to resolve issues of development of the company and sales increase. So, service of signing of the contracts will be expanded and simplified and the system of target, advantageous offers for regular customers is implemented.

The leasing company cannot be competitive and quicker grow the market if does not offer advanced technologies of sale of a product and interaction. Implementation of a personal account – the important solution for our customer. We hope that it will allow to increase efficiency of its activity,
noted Konstantin Sharendo, the deputy CEO for work with financial institutions of Bell Integrator company

2017: User support of the RBS system

Project Tasks

Services in support of the 1st line of users of the RBS systems of legal entities (contact center).

Project Progress

Consultation of clients on work, setup of a system.

Project Results

The bank receives service from the outsourcer, saving on own support service. Acceptance not less than 96% of calls a day is provided. As of November, 2019 a delay waiting for the reply of operator - no more than 1 minute.