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Project Group will create the digital platform of predictive analytics for "Sukhoy"

Customers: Sukhoy


Contractors: Group
Product: Vision
Second product: Private Cloud

Project date: 2020/01

2020: Agreement on development and deployment of the digital platform of predictive analytics Group and PJSC Sukhoy Company signed the agreement within which will develop Digital technologies and will implement the digital platform of predictive analytics using machine learning technologies, Big Data and industrial Internet of Things. The platform will be started in work in the second quarter 2020 at the plants of PJSC Sukhoy Company. Announced this Group on February 13, 2020.

The digital platform will give the chance to collect on a centralized basis, to process and analyze data as from a production equipment, and information on production processes from information systems at the enterprises of PJSC Sukhoy Company. The saved-up data on work of high-performance industrial equipment and parameters of accomplishment of production processes will allow to predict operability of machines and to perform their predictive service that will also provide cost reduction. In work of the enterprises of PJSC Sukhoi the technology of computer vision Vision will also be implemented. With its help monitoring of production processes will be performed.

We systematically tsifroviziruy Russian market: experience of Group and our technologies allow to implement large-scale projects with the companies from the traditional industries. Partnership with Dry — such complex project. We automate several fields of work at the enterprises at once: predictive service, monitoring of production processes. Such approach allows to achieve basic increase in efficiency,
comments Pavel Gontarev, the managing director of on Digital technologies

This project is pilot for Sukhoi Company in the field of digitalization of production and management processes and we hope that experience of Group will help us to overcome successfully this step of development and to become an example of the production company not only which is turning out the innovation products, but also using the innovative digital technologies within its production


Data will be stored in a private cloud of PJSC Sukhoi Company based on Private Cloud technology. Further the parties are going to expand implementation and development of services and software products for the purpose of digitalization of work of the enterprises of PJSC Sukhoi.