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Why MMK wrote and uses own EDMS

Customers: Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MISW)

Magnitogorsk; Metallurgical industry

Contractors: MMP-Informservice
Product: Projects of IT outsourcing

Project date: 2016/04  - 2017/09


Why we wrote own EDMS

Importance of EDMS for work of the enterprise

  • Acceleration of information flows and reduction leads quantity of errors at acceptance of management decisions due to use of up-to-date data to improvement of controllability of the company in general
  • The organization of a common information space - a system should resolve a problem of geographical remoteness of employees and provide a possibility of their joint work within uniform infrastructure
  • Economy of working time of employees


  • Since 1999 used the solution on the Lotus Domino/Notes IBM platform.
  • A system became morally outdated, had no mobile and a version web.
  • In 2014 upgraded to the new version.
  • Received a functional, but slowly working, difficult system in use. Mobile application worked unstably. As a result heads and managers did not work in a system.
  • Considered different solutions (Directum, Documentum, Docsvision, 1C, …), but did not see solutions which in a complex would meet requirements: Simplicity and convenience, speed, mobility

Basic functions of EDMS MMK

  • Simple system in use
  • Allows to find easily the necessary document (simple, quick Google-like search)
  • Saves time
  • Transparency of accomplishment of instructions, approvals of documents
  • Instead of "work in a system" allows to concentrate on business
  • Predictive determination of the contractor
  • Also in 1 cliques: Change of the contractor, Input of the resolution, Change of term, Approval of the document, Signing of the document
  • Practically does not require training

  • At once the document, but not its "card" is displayed, time for opening of the document is not spent
  • After issue of order the following document automatically opens
  • By experience of PJSC MMK saving of time of the head – till 2 o'clock in day
  • Thanks from heads and users

  • Pro-active monitoring allows to find "bottlenecks" in performance and to eliminate them without expecting requests from users of a system
  • Routine activity becomes easy, causes positive emotions

Opportunity for work with documents with the help:

It is possible to work:

  • In a workplace
  • Houses
  • On a trip
  • At meetings

  • "Chat" gives the chance to communicate all the employees, involved in work with this document
  • Creates the "command" culture of work for joint solving of tasks
  • The indicator of Push-notifications will show, in kakikhvashy documents there is a communication

Project Results

  • It is implemented in operation in 2016
  • It is used in 44 societies of Group of PJSC MMK
  • Number of client places:> 9000

Statistics of use

  • It is registered tasks/instructions: 6,142,490
  • Incoming documents: 2,273,289
  • Outgoing documents: 2,183,267
  • Contractual documents: 43,826