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Yota implemented caching of data on the Tarantool platform

Customers: Yota

Moscow; Telecommunication and communication

Product: Tarantool

Project date: 2016/03

2019: The system of caching on the Tarantool platform

On February 11, 2019 the Yota company reported that it implemented the system of caching on the Tarantool platform for fall forward of work with data on users. The omnichannel "fast" cache will allow to increase the speed of online processing of the user profiles and interactivity of company services. Yota works with the Tarantool platform since 2017.

According to the company, data from a set of sources are necessary for work of a number of the existing and planned IT solutions of Yota: about a set of the connected products, balance, etc. At a consecutive request and receipt of data high-speed performance of applications directly depends on sources, and the poor performance of one element influences all system. The cache platform of Tarantool increases a data exchange rate and reduces complexity of interaction with diverse sources.

After the first addressing profile information the platform saves this result in a "fast" cache. Further a system addresses only it that guarantees absolutely other level of speed of work and data availability. At the same time information does not become outdated: sources transfer notifications on all happening changes therefore the cache is always relevant. As a result relevant data, irrespective of quantity of sources and their high-speed performance are at any time available to applications.

The cache platform solves several problems at once: creates uniform access point to data, provides information for fractions of a second and maintains its relevance. Before release on the market we rolled many years Tarantool in own projects and therefore the platform optimum solves this problem.

Konstantin Osipov, chief architect of Tarantool

2016: Replacement of Oracle by DBMS

In January, 2016 Group reported that the mobile operator Yota began commercial operation of Tarantool DBMS developed by it. The operator will use this DBMS for online data processing.

Use of Tarantool allows to accelerate considerably billing data access, to improve interactivity of services for our users, including use of mobile application and also access to Personal account, to create for clients of the offer of different services and services depending on their personal profile of consumption — the director of the department of implementation and support of Yota Konstantin Gorelik says.

Yota told TAdviser that for the described tasks used Oracle DBMS earlier. Completely in the company did not refuse this DBMS, added to Yota.

Yota replaced Oracle DBMS with Tarantool for a number of tasks

Conducted implementation of new Yota DBMS, based on consultations of Mail.Ru. Consultations appear online that significantly accelerated process, told TAdviser in Yota. Group noted that implementation of new DBMS will allow to save the considerable amounts on licenses and servers and that Yota – one of the first telecommunication companies, "Tarantool which estimated advantages".

Earlier, in August, 2016, Group reported that Tarantool begins to be implemented in VimpelCom (Beeline works under a brand) as the platform of online data processing. Based on Tarantool the virtualization platform of data and a number of applications was developed for "Vympelkomf". (Is more detailed about this project - in the separate article).

Before bringing Tarantool to the market, developers used it many years on own projects.