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Yves Rocher optimized work of shops using Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets

Customers: Yves Rocher Vostok (Yves Rocher)

Moscow; Chemical industry

Product: Samsung Galaxy Tab-серия of tablets
На базе: Samsung Galaxy (series of smartphones)

Project date: 2019/02  - 2019/07

2019: Optimization of work of shops using Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets

On August 12, 2019 the Samsung Electronics company reported that together with Yves Rocher summed up the first results of the joint project on equipment of all retail outlets of sales of Yves Rocher electronic solutions based on planshetovgalaxy of Tab.

The Yves Rocher brand found the eco-friendly solution for replacement of paper information materials by convenient digital devices with support of remote control of content. The company cut down expenses on preparation of materials, printing and distribution in shops of network which cost the Russian division 4 million rubles a year earlier.

The implemented system demanded single investment into acquisition of Yves Rocher tablets and a design of a subscription to the CRM system. Obvious economy on production of printed materials within the first year allowed to compensate completely purchase costs and implementation of mobile devices.

For implementation of the idea Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablets which technical characteristics were selected: screen diagonal, long term of independent operation, support of the mobile Internet and the price — optimum corresponded to Yves Rocher tasks. Besides, Samsung Electronics submitted own MDM solution for management of network infrastructure and software updatings on the customer's devices.

In each shop of the Yves Rocher brand in Russia Samsung tablets as information carriers for relevant offers of the company and as the additional tool of consultants for the purpose of diagnostics of a status of skin of visitors are used.

On devices the application file with information on product lines, councils for their positioning, recommendations about application and a combination to other cosmetics is also set. Besides, tablets are used for distribution of information content online, holding polls for employees, job evaluations of selling assistants.

Integration of digital solutions into retail — one of the most noticeable effects of a digitalization of the Russian economy falls to the share of retail about 16% of GDP of the country. Replacement of outdated and expensive information formats by simple mobile devices in use — a method of business process optimization and expenses of the company, obvious and profitable to the companies,


We had a relevant, fast tool for distribution of any information content on shops meeting requirements of our business. And it is convenient to take this device with itself — the seller, the manager, the shop director so can make. The further plans of the company are creation and installation on tablets of the interactive application for training of sellers and also other programs which will be useful to the staff of shops,
commented Roman Ostrovsky, the project manager of IT department of Yves Rocher company