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At office "Zhilkomkhoz" a system an electronic queue of the NeuroniQ system is implemented

Customers: Zhilkomkhoz

Syktyvkar; Housing and public utilities, service and household services

Product: NeuroniQ Management system for queue

Project date: 2019/04  - 2019/09

2019: Implementation of an electronic queue of NeuroniQ

On October 8, 2019 the company of Technology of the Future reported that for improvement of customer service quality and increase in image of the company in office EMUP "Zhilkomkhoz" (Syktyvkar) a system an electronic queue of the NEURONIQ system was implemented.

NeuroniQ at office Zhilkomkhoz

For convenience of visitors the terminal of issue of coupons on which it is possible to select one of six services provided at office was installed. Thus, the client does not need to look for extreme on a certain service that reduces the probability of the conflicts.

In addition to creation of comfortable conditions for clients, the electronic queue optimizes work of office, reduces waiting time in queue, reduces load of personnel. Such effect is reached thanks to competent distribution of clients between the staff of the organization which happens in the automatic mode.

Intelligent systems of NEURONIQ allow to provide to company management operational and statistical data on work of office of service which can be used for development of actions for increase in efficiency of organization activity.