Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
Supervisory control and data collection
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SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) — a hardware and software system of data collection and dispatching control. The sense put in the term SCADA changed together with development of technologies of automation and management of technology processes. In the 80th years understood hardware and software systems of data collection of real time as SCADA systems more often. From 90th years the term SCADA is more used for designation only of a program part of the APCS interface (automatic management system by technology processes).

The world market of supervisory control systems and data collection (SCADA) during 2010 recovered from crisis and began growth. The main segment of this market providing the overall safe picture are the oil and gas companies. With increase in an oil demand the project activity of the companies will remain steadily high as note in ARC Advisory Group. The SCADA market in the oil and gas industry is affected by several factors. In addition to the general demand for a hydrocarbonic raw material, it should be noted moving of exploration and production of oil to more and more remote and unfriendly regions and also requirement of the companies for integration of the used systems into business applications. Customers pay the increasing attention not only to new functionality of solutions, but also to a range of services, rendered by vendors. The SCADA systems, together with applications of higher level, increase transparency and efficiency of geographically distributed assets, allowing to manage them in real time



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