Supplier Relationship Management
Vendor relationship management
        are provided In tabs data on the SRM systems which are used in Russia and also unique information on the companies integrators and their SRM projects below.

The companies can register the systems and projects in the directory of TAdviser/SRM free of charge. The section is in a foreground mode of updating.


Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is a vendor relationship management system. Solutions of this class are aimed at problems of a strategic choice of suppliers, the choice of new types of the developed products from possible alternatives, implementation of all cycle of purchases, including electronic marketplace and also operational monitoring and assessment of activity of suppliers.

The integrated offer for process automation "from purchase before payment" goods and services. The solution is focused on business process optimization and decrease in the total costs connected with logistics and purchase of services by the enterprises of any scale. Integrating in itself possibilities for the analysis, assessment and ranging of suppliers, consolidations of needs for purchases of goods and services, building of strategy and forecasts of efficiency of vendor interaction via traditional and electronic channels, the solution helps to identify the optimal partners who are most conforming to requirements of business of the company. To provide profit earning on a permanent basis, the enterprises need to have the balanced expenditure management system on supply. If the enterprise is capable to reduce purchase costs of goods and services, then increase in profitability - without damage to quality and even without increase in sales volumes will be result. The solution allows to automate all processes integrating in themselves source selection of deliveries and actually supplying activity. Along with it the solution allows to increase transparency of logistic network and to make available to the management the interactive overview of all costs connected with supply. The solution allows to control all cycle of deliveries: from strategic planning before implementation. It allows to optimize selection process of suppliers and to reduce duration of supplying cycles.

In Russia or as it is accepted to call it in the west of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) (not to confuse with CRM), as a rule, mean everything that is anyway connected with automation of purchasing activity — from requirements planning and certification of suppliers before direct delivery and control of performance of agreements by vendor relationship management systems. Also here it is possible to include tendering process and requests of the commercial information on the electronic marketplace (EM), operational monitoring, analytics and other adjacent processes.