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The navigation system is a set of the devices providing navigation (orientation) of an object in space. Navigation systems provide orientation with the help: the cards having video, graphic or text formats; position fix using sensors or other external sources; autonomous means, such as satellite communication, etc.; information from other objects. The satellite system of navigation — the end-to-end electronic and technical system consisting of set of the ground and space equipment, intended for position fix (geographical coordinates and height) and also parameters of the movement (speed and the direction of the movement, etc.) for land, water and air bodies. Basic elements of a satellite system of navigation:

  • The orbital grouping consisting of several (from 2 to 30) satellites radiating special radio signals;
  • The ground control system and control including blocks of measurement of the current provision of satellites and transfer on them the acquired information for adjustment of information on orbits;
  • The receiving client equipment ("satellite navigators") used for determination of coordinates;
  • Optionally: the ground-based system of radio beacons allowing to increase considerably the accuracy of determination of coordinates.
  • Optionally: the information radio system for transfer to users of the amendments allowing to increase considerably the accuracy of determination of coordinates.

Russia takes the third place on number of communication satellites

On data for the end of 2016 Russia takes the third place by the number of communication satellites, having 17 spacecrafts. The country concedes on this indicator of France which has twice more satellites – 34 and also the small state – to Luxembourg which owns 108 devices. TASS with reference to the chief designer of JSC Gazprom space systems Nikolay Sevastyanov reported about it. Japan has 16 communication satellites, the USA and Hong Kong at which on 11 devices are at the fifth place.

The volume of the world market of space communication existing 45 years is $153 billion with annual increment in 3%. The main part it is made by TV, radio and the Internet - $104 billion Segment of communication channels are estimated at $18 billion, mobile communication – at $3 billion.

What is GPS monitoring of transport?

GPS monitoring of transport this continuous tracking cars of your vehicle fleet. The monitoring system of transport allows to perform GPS tracking in real time. The GPS equipment installed on the car requests the location from one of satellites of the GPS grouping and, online transfers information to the manager. The similar system of navigation of GPS allowed to leave from the level of simple control of movement of transport of the level of full tracking transport.

At GPSGLONASS system implementation / monitoring of transport in addition to tracking transport constant control of level of fuel, a car status, its exact coordinates, time during which the car was in idle time or in the movement and many other things is exercised.

As the signal goes in real time, modern control systems of transport perform much more functions than just GPS monitoring of cars. Today, monitoring movement of transport, the GPS equipment allows the manager to react quickly in case of emergency situations.

The manager in the course of control of movement of transport can establish a voice communication with the driver, far off kill the engine of the car and many other things. Similar expansion of opportunities of transport monitoring allow not just to obtain information on the problems and violations influencing transportation costs of the company but also to quickly level them.

Installation of the GPS/GLONASS system of monitoring of transport for constant satellite control of cars

Today the Russian system of navigation on the basis of GLONASS play an important role in security at the state level. The modern observation system of GLONASS of monitoring of transport allows to exercise control of transport by means of the Russian grouping of satellites. Creation of grouping of satellites began still in the eighties and includes about 27 satellites. The principle of operation of the GLONASS satellites of monitoring is similar to the American NAVSTAR GPS system. But, unlike it does not require any additional updates after start.