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2022: Start of GosData.hab development project

The Russian Ministry of Digital Affairs is embarking on the development of the GosData.hab, a project that will combine the flows of impersonal data from state agencies. This was reported by representatives of the department to TAdviser on May 11, 2022.

It is assumed that the national data lake systematizes storage and processes data for state analytical services, will simplify the preparation of reports to government agencies and budget organizations, thanks to the automated generation of documents according to given ones. All to algorithms collected data will fall into the lake in an impersonal form, their depersonalization will take place on the side of the data provider, the Ministry of Digital Affairs emphasized.

In Russia, create the national data lake GosData.hab

According to the head of the ministry Maksut Shadayev, GosData.hab will unite impersonal data of authorities at all levels and will allow to form an expanded analytics.

"First of all, we will launch analytics services for IT and communications. The state will motivate business to provide impersonal data in certain areas that are critical for the public administration system. Data exchange will be bilateral: the impersonal data of state datasets will be able to use business to develop their own decisions, "the minister said.

Initially, the data sets collected in GosData.hab will be available to government agencies, but in the future, business will also have access to them, for which a datamarket will be created - one of the public circuits of the National Data Management System (NSUD).

According to the Ministry of Digital Affairs, the project will develop in three key areas:

  • the transition from fragmented reporting by government agencies to an automated integrated system for collecting depersonal data from government information systems;
  • creation of data services and use of state data for analysis of state of industries economies and social sphere;
  • provision of impersonal state data to business and citizens, first of all - to developers of solutions based on artificial intelligence.

The main platform for the implementation of the national data lake will be the FSAU Research Institute "Sunrise." According to Maxim Rymar, Director of FSAU Voskhod Research Institute, as part of the development of analytical services of the unified information platform of the National Data Management System, business processes will be formed to connect data providers to the analytical repository, a full cycle of data collection, processing, normalization and their use for solving applied business problems will be organized. In addition, the project plans to develop the competencies of big data processing within the public sector, as well as methodological support for the development of indicators and metrics based on data.

The project is scheduled for 2022-2024 years. It is planned to launch the system into pilot operation in 2023.

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