2022/03/30 15:14:21

Information modeling technologies: confident course on import substitution

For a long time, one of the major gaps on the "map" of Russian software products was the lack of competitive solutions in the field of 3D design of information modeling (BIM). However, thanks to the efforts of the developers and the support of the state, the situation managed to change. Today, Russian companies offer BIM-platform information modeling solutions that are superior in quality and breadth of functionality to advanced foreign solutions. One of the breakthrough IT tools for design and modeling was the Russian Model Studio CS system from CSoft Development (JSC SiSoft Development).


One of the tasks of the Digital Economy project in the Russian Federation for the period 2019-2024. proclaimed a deep transformation of business in order to improve the quality of life. In this regard, information modeling technologies in the areas of design, construction and operation of various facilities became the basis for digital development. However, access to many foreign products is currently difficult or completely closed. In the context of the new flow of sanctions adopted by the West in February-March 2022, Russia remains nothing but to accelerate the import substitution of CAD, BIM, PLM programs, etc.

Why import substitution in the BIM area is so important

A number of large Russian enterprises, including construction holdings, have been using BIM (Building Informational Modeling) solutions for the design of complex objects for several years. But, not always Western decisions, meet the requirements of Russian legislation, where a complex and promising system is formed, centralized information interaction, which is not in "civilized countries.

Digitalization based on information modeling technologies requires not just the availability of software, but software that meets legislative requirements, as well as the traditions of design and construction in our country. Unlike domestic products, Western software is devoid of such compliance. All long-term attempts to introduce it show that it is poorly adapted to Russian design and construction standards, and also does not fit into the legislation of our country, "explains Igor Orellana Ursua, executive and technical director of SiSoft Development JSC.

At the same time, the need for information modeling products in Russia increases year by year: large-scale development projects are being implemented in many regions, industrial construction has been launched, unique above-ground and underground structures are being built. Information technologies become indispensable in the design and creation of smart houses, complex engineering structures such as bridges and tunnels, the development of transport facilities, etc. At the same time, promising areas of information exchange are developing that "smart houses" unite in "smart neighborhoods" and "smart cities"

Classic CAD benefits in terms of the speed of implementation of the first version of the project, but their capabilities are limited. These solutions automate the work of designers in the framework of the classical process, not taking into account the influence of the notorious "human factor" in subsequent stages. At the same time, thanks to the development of the TIM (BIM) model, it became possible to form a kind of "digital double" of the future object. Both the designer and customers can see how the structure will look ready. 3D modeling allows you to take into account all the details of the project: evaluate the volume of work before they begin, provide visualization of the overall construction process and its individual components, and distribute tasks. As a result, the construction process can be significantly simplified and accelerated.

SiSoft Development (formerly Consistent Software) is a Russian developer of engineering software and technologies: CAD, BIM, PLM, complex solutions for mechanical engineering, industrial and civil engineering, architectural design, land management, electronic document management, processing scanned drawings, vectorization and hybrid editing - with many years of experience in the market. The company creates unique solutions for managing engineering data according to Russian norms and standards. •
More than 30 years of work in the engineering technology development market •
1.5 million licenses issued •
600 thousand jobs in the base • 35
thousand user enterprises •
More than 60 software solutions

World-Class Integrated System

Russia is historically famous for its outstanding mathematical school, and its programmers are famous in many countries. Therefore, the issue of creating competitive solutions in the field of information modeling was only a matter of time. Today in our country there are not just modern TIM (BIM) systems, but in many respects the best tools in this area. In particular, they surpass foreign analogues in the quality of work and the breadth of coverage of engineering specialties.

So, domestic developers with extensive experience in the field of engineering software (CAD, BIM, PLM, CCI, etc.) with the support of the Russian Fund for the Development of Information Technologies (RFRIT) created "Model Studio CS Construction Solutions "- software for TIM (BIM) design and modeling of building structures of buildings and structures. This system enables people from different fields to work together to design objects of any complexity.

Having acquired the best global achievements in the field of IT and CAD, the Model Studio CS software developed by SiSoft Development is a completely Russian development and is included in the Register of Russian Programs and Databases. Based on the line of domestic software in Model Studio CS, CADLib Model and Archive, you can create a common data environment, information modeling and integrated design. This ensures a complete combined 3D project model.

The general functional diagram of Model Studio CS is shown in Figure

Figure. General functional diagram of the integrated Model Studio CS system.

Applications of Model Studio CS - machine-building and metallurgical enterprises; civilian facilities; air and maritime transport infrastructure; mining enterprises; oil and gas complex; chemical and food industries; Special purpose facilities; electric power industry; nuclear power facilities.

Each workstation within the framework of the implementation of the Model Studio CS system is equipped with everything necessary for the engineer: two-dimensional and three-dimensional design tools, collision checking, automatic preparation of calculation models, calculation tools, as well as a drawing generator, specifications, calculation protocols, documents with calculation results, etc.

Implementation Features and Benefits

Model Studio CS -Model Studio CS - domestic, licensed software. As an individual tool, it can be used directly "from the box." However, complex automation requires integration with the operating processes of the design organizations. But the implementation process will be simplified as much as possible, since the system operates on the basis of well-known graphical CAD platforms nanoCAD and AutoCAD, has convenient TIM modeling tools (BIM), includes the necessary element libraries, has fully ready-to-work subsystems for generating drawings and specifications based on Russian design standards. The library of equipment, products and materials Model Studio CS includes materials from leading factories in Russia and neighboring countries, as well as accumulates the experience of a number of world manufacturers. Training and pilot project timelines are kept to a minimum.

Thanks to the introduction of information modeling technologies, the company gets the opportunity to make products cheaper, accelerate their release, ensure transparency, efficiency and efficiency not only of its own activities, but also of interaction with contractors.

Thus, the integrated Model Studio CS system not only has the necessary functionality in the field of object information modeling, but also exceeds foreign BIM-class systems due to compliance with all Russian norms and standards. This allows you to fully implement import substitution in such a strategically important area as BIM.