2016/11/08 12:25:01

Interview of TAdviser with the chairman of the board of Moscow regional bank Irina Morozova

The chairman of the board of Moscow regional bank Irina Morozova in an interview of TAdviser told about selection processes and system implementations of electronic document management of TESSA.

We selected EDMS TESSA to accelerate processes of approval and decision making

What main objectives were set for a new system?

Irina Morozova: Acceleration of processes of approval of documents and ensuring support of key business processes of bank and banking group JSC SMP Bank was the main objective of system implementation of electronic document management.

Tell about background of an implementation project of the TESSA system. How document flow earlier what defects were required to be eliminated was organized?

Irina Morozova: In process of business development the bank needs optimization of internal interaction which was generally constructed on paper document flow earlier that very much complicated efficiency of decision making, including taking into account need of interaction between structures of banking group. The need for acceleration of processes of approval and decision making also pushed to need of creation for bank of an electronic document management system.

How did selection process of a new system take place? Why the choice fell on EDMS TESSA?

Irina Morozova: The system allowing to implement electronic document management in enough short time was necessary for banking group and at the same time not to lose as implementation. Therefore important selection terms of a system were as experience of implementation of similar processes in other large companies, and flexibility of setup of the selected solution under requirements of bank. According to us, TESSA answered all selection criteria of a system taking into account the competitive cost of its implementation.

What project budget was? What number of employees was going to be covered?

Irina Morozova: Within rather limited project budget it was necessary to implement a possibility of use of a system in all possible processes of bank and to cover the maximum number of the services and employees of bank participating in these processes, and these are several thousands of people. As the project for bank new, the decision of step-by-step system implementation both within the considered processes, and from the point of view of project participants was made.

What difficulties arose during implementation?

Irina Morozova: The bank still is at a stage of system implementation, problems arise different, as in terms of adaptation of processes of bank to features of system operation, and technical, including taking into account features of structure of banking group and opportunities of the system.

What features of the project to you were remembered most of all? Why?

Irina Morozova: Within project implementation there are many questions, as on creation of business processes using a system, new to bank, and on its technical capabilities. Many questions are addressed to development team which taking into account experience of implementation offer different candidate solutions of the arising problems. Probably, the loyalty of the developer and readiness to help with system implementation is also the main high point.

Whether there were difficulties at the staff of the company with adaptation to a new system?

Irina Morozova: In addition to technical aspects in the project there are also a lot of changes from the point of view of the organization of our business processes. Therefore users at the beginning of work with a system had to master as the new system interface, and to adapt to the changed processes of bank and banking group in general.

What results managed to achieve using EDMS TESSA?

Irina Morozova: As the bank is in the beginning of a way of system implementation, so far early to sum up the results of its implementation, but already now it is possible to tell that electronic document management is more convenient and more effective than paper.

Whether there are plans for development of the project?

Irina Morozova: In bank very big plans for development of the project and use of a system in the most different processes of bank, beginning from the simplest approval of the memo, before key business processes, including the organization of work of collegiate organs of bank and control of execution of their solutions.