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DIRECTUM is a software developer in the field of electronic document management. The company was established in 2003 on the basis of the relevant divisions of the NPO "Computer" with the aim of intensifying work on the promotion, development and implementation of the electronic document management and interaction management system Directum.

Main areas of activity

DIRECTUM covers the full range of tasks to ensure the easy and successful transition of organizations to electronic document flow:

  • examining the needs of organizations in various industries;
  • development of DIRECTUM system;
  • methodological development of implementation technologies and training courses;
  • development of the DIRECTUM partner network and community;
  • maintaining major implementation projects


The company's internal standards system DIRECTUM ensures the manageability and predictability of internal processes in the company. Standards for customer development, implementation, and support have been developed and implemented. The company monitors and studies modern international standards and technologies (ITIL/ITSM, CMM, ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE), ISO-9000), from which the best world experience is adopted.

DIRECTUM has a certificate of compliance with GOST R ISO 9001:2008 in the field of quality management system for the development, implementation and maintenance of software.

Development Technologies

DIRECTUM software products are developed using modern technologies (COM,.NET, Internet technologies, etc.). The service-based architecture allows you to integrate the system with any application (ERP, CRM, etc.), expand its functionality and build scalable solutions to meet growing customer needs.


DIRECTUM software products have an open architecture and complete documentation for users and administrators. The openness of the system and the provision of a development tool provides a great opportunity to adapt and expand the system according to the needs of the customer. In addition, the implementation technology used is aimed at improving the skills of the customer's specialists and ensuring the continuous development of the system without the participation of the developer, which minimizes the cost of maintaining the system and increases its efficiency.

Performance indicators

2021: Directum turnover reached 1 billion rubles

In 2021, the revenue of the developer of the Directum document and digital process management system increased by 45%, to 1 billion rubles, according to the Kontur.Focus legal entity database. The company received a net profit of 195.8 million rubles, its growth was 259%. And the staff over the year expanded to more than 520 people.

Plus, our customers continued to get acquainted with the charms of artificial intelligence in routine work - our Directum Ario One AI system removes a huge number of pains in the recognition and processing of text information, helping companies release hundreds of man-hours. In 2021, the product became available from the cloud - the threshold for its use was lowered, "Svetlana Novokshonova told TAdviser.

Directum revenue in 2021 increased by 45% "(photo -"

An important factor is the influence of the state. It actively promotes digitalization ideas and develops its own IT tools. In November 2021, the experiment of the Ministry of Labor was completed and amendments to the TC of the Russian Federation on electronic personnel document management were adopted. The new law gave the green light to companies that feared switching to KEDO without direct legislative permission. After that, customer interest in Directum HR Pro, an integrated system for managing personnel processes, documents and services, has grown sharply, Novokshonova says.

In addition, a representative of Directum says, in the past few years, the company has been actively working on the import independence of the system - today Directum RX is 100% compatible with free and domestic software. At the same time, stimulating import substitution by the state in Directum cannot be called the driver of growth in the profit of their company in 2021.

The import substitution program stimulated more government authorities to choose domestic products, but we cannot call this factor the driver of the company's profit growth in 2021. Our customers primarily evaluated the capabilities of the systems: functionality, ease of operation, scalability, fault tolerance, etc., "said Svetlana Novokshonova in a conversation with TAdviser.

Regarding the plans for 2022, the company told TAdviser that they continue to "build" an ecosystem of ready-made solutions, strengthen the use of artificial intelligence in business processes, create a stable and comfortable environment for solving personnel and other pressing business problems.




In April 2022, Artem Permyakov, Director of Product Development Directum HR Pro. told TAdviser about how to build effective and legitimate interaction with remote employees with the help of IT solutions. More details here.

TAdviser interview with project manager Vitaly Astrakhantsev

TAdviser interview with Directum HR Pro Product Development Director Artem Permyakov

In February 2022, TAdviser was told by Artem Permyakov, Director of Product Development Directum HR Pro about how modern IT solutions help HR Management (HRM) work . More details here.


TAdviser interview with CEO Konstantin Istomin

TAdviser interview with Director of Consulting and Implementation Department Elena Istomina


R&D Director Artem Permyakov will tell why the marketing classification of systems is secondary, and what primarily affects the strategy of Directum products.


On May 26 at the TAdviser SummIT conference the expert presents the concept of development of an intellectual control system of processes and documents of the Directum, will tell about the most perspective the directions of development today and why ready fast IT solutions on the uniform platform - the most optimum answer to tasks of the modern companies.


Separately, the speaker will focus on the features of the company's new product - the Directum HR Pro personnel processes, documents and services management system, which distinguish it from standard HRM systems: from a flexible approach to digitalizing processes and supporting any electronic signatures to personal offices of employees and organizing long-term storage of electronic documents with legal significance.

Another focus of the report is the use of Directum Ario intelligent services in business processes to automate the routine stages of document processing and other data: AI effect and payback.

At the conference booth, you can live evaluate the work of HR Pro and Ario services, as well as get advice from Directum representatives.

TAdviser interview with CEO Konstantin Istomin

In May 2021, the executive director of Directum Konstantin Istomin in an interview TAdviser spoke about how the influence import substitution is changing/, Russian SED marketECM on which the complexity of projects to replace foreign solutions depends the Russian and due to which Directum products correspond to the most modern concepts of the development of enterprise systems. More details here [1]

TAdviser interview with CEO Konstantin Istomin

In January 2021, Directum Executive Director Konstantin Istomin in an interview with TAdviser spoke about the role of the coronavirus pandemic in customer relations and about some 2020 implementations. More details here.


TAdviser interview with Director of Consulting and Implementation Department Elena Istomina

In October 2020, Elena Istomina, Director of Consulting and Implementation at Directum, in an interview with TAdviser, spoke about how modern BPM systems help create an adaptive, integrated business environment in organizations of all sizes. More details here.

TAdviser interview with CEO Konstantin Istomin

In February 2020, Directum Executive Director Konstantin Istomin in an interview with TAdviser spoke about the key directions for the development of the company's solutions, the features of digitalization of HR processes and the future of ECM systems, which are changing under the influence of intelligent technologies. More details here.


Interview with TAdviser Artem Permyakov

In November 2019, the director Artyom Permyakov R&D of the company, in Directum an interview with TAdviser, spoke about ECM the intellectual tools already implemented in the system, the effectiveness of such solutions, as well as the promising developments that the company's specialists are engaged in. More details here.

Interview with TAdviser Elena Istomina

In September 2019, Director of Directum Consulting, Implementation and Support Department Elena Istomina in an interview with TAdviser spoke about the features of business process automation using the ECM system and the development of intelligent services in the company's portfolio.

Long-term archive: why and how to create it? TADetali

DIRECTUM business analysts Guzel Mullakhmetova and Alexey Mikryukov helped to understand what the solution for a long-term archive should meet, how to ensure the legal significance of electronic documents even after many years and what this will give business, in addition to saving on paper

2018: Interview with TAdviser Artem Permyakov

Artem Permyakov, R&D Director of Directum , in an interview with TAdviser spoke about the most promising areas of application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the use of such opportunities in Directum solutions and plans for future AI developments.

2017: Interview with TAdviser Vasily Babintsev

In October 2017, Vasily Babintsev, Director of Marketing at Directum, in an interview with TAdviser spoke about important changes that took place in the Russian market of SED/ESM systems in 2016-2017, tools and tasks that are most relevant for customers, as well as the Extra ECM strategy, within which vendor products are developed.

2016: Interview with TAdviser Vasily Babintsev

2014: Interview with TAdviser Vasily Babintsev

In September 2014, Vasily Babintsev, the company's marketing director, gave an interview to TAdviser.

2013: Interview with TAdviser Executive Director Konstantin Istomin

In August 2013, Konstantin Istomin gave an interview to TAdviser:

2012: Agreement with Orienge to promote the system in the US market

In mid-May 2012, DIRECTUM announced a partnership agreement with the starting American company Orienge. The purpose of this union is obvious, although unusual for most developers of domestic software - the creation, promotion and implementation of their own ECM system in the US market.

"Cooperation with Orienge for us is a key driver for the promotion of our technologies in the international market," said Maxim Galimov, Director of Advanced Research at DIRECTUM. The interest in an American company specializing in consulting, development and implementation of ESM technologies is natural, because it and DIRECTUM build their corporate content management products based on the same IS-Builder platform. At the same time, Orienge has an undeniable trump card, its ECM-system Conterra includes system and application modules that take into account the specifics of American consumers, legal requirements and best management practices. "We see recognition of DIRECTUM platforms in the United States and look forward to the rapid expansion of Conterra's presence in the North American market. For our part, we provide priority methodological and information support to Orienge, "Galimov added

Orienge is actually actively gaining ground in the market, largely due to the constant development of the product portfolio. Within six months, two versions of Conterra were released one after another, the company introduced the solutions of Contract Management, Accounts Payable and InvoiceManagement, Records Management, etc.

"Orienge has recently entered the market, but our employees already have a lot of experience working with medium and large enterprises. The use of a mature, fully functional and simultaneously flexible IS-Builder platform made it possible to create a corporate content management system that maximizes support for the ideology of Agile ECM and case management approaches, "comments its president and executive director Daniel Shields

2003: Creation of a company by separating from the NGO "Computer"

The company was created by separating from NPO Computer.