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Holmont is a Russian company with international experience, represented by a development center in Russia (Samara) and two representative offices: in Moscow and London.

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HAULMONT is a Russian company with international experience, which is represented by an office in Samara and representative offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Togliatti and London. The company specializes in complex automation of enterprises of various forms of ownership and scale.



Banks IT Day Conference Partner

Haulmont was a partner in the Banks IT Day conference, which was held on April 6 in Moscow.

The level of digitalization financial in the sector is one of the highest in. Almost Russia banks insurance all processes are automated in companies and other organizations. The Banks IT Day conference brought together representatives of the industry, as well as technology companies that work in the financial sector, to discuss the most pressing issues.

The topics for discussion included:

  • Current digitalization level and new challenges.
  • Import substitution in the banking sector.
  • New requirements for ABS.
  • Modern systems for communication with clients, scoring, risk management, etc.
  • The optimal combination of inhouse development and development by external contractors.

Haulmont has extensive experience in projects in the financial sector - this is EDMS THESIS both the implementation and the creation of unique systems to order. All these solutions are based on the platform created by the company. Jmix Among the most notable customers and solutions:

  • Promsvyazbank - automated document management, order management, work with client proxies and appeals. Over 20,000 users work in the SED THESIS.
  • Ingosstrakh - automated procurement and contract coordination.
  • UBRiR - work with applications for benefits has been transferred to SED THESIS.
  • TKB Banking Group (including banks TKB and) ITB - the possibility of holding remote meetings, personnel document management and a number of other processes has been implemented.
  • Genbank - automated document management, paperwork and work with problematic assets.
  • Intesa Bank - SED THESIS is used to support credit operations, process regulatory and service documents, and prepare reports for the Central Bank.
  • Development of ABS and reporting system for the Latin American market
  • Provision of the Jmix platform for the creation of the payment system of the Government of Brunei.
  • Collection business automation system.
  • Scoring, factoring, risk management systems.

Jmix is also used to accelerate the development of internal divisions of several banks, including Sber. On Banks IT Day, you could find out what the modern platform in the bank is capable of from the report of Product Owner SED THESIS Ilya Zaichikov and the leading architect of SKB Lab Igor Klopotov.

SKB Lab is a subsidiary of Sinara Bank. This is a regional bank with a federal presence, which serves both the parent holding of more than 50 enterprises and external customers. The bank is actively expanding, and it is very important that costs do not interfere with this. To avoid their growth when scaling a business, it was necessary, among other things, to optimize the assessment of loan applications. Previously, the bank sent piece requests to the BKI and FSSP, now it was planned to leave this practice. The new solution was the system of package evaluation of credit agreements.

This system was developed in SKB Lab based on Jmix. The project team noted a number of advantages of the platform, which greatly simplified the work. This includes a low entry threshold, the ability to reuse previously created business components, a well-developed clustering model, high-quality and up-to-date documentation, and an open and friendly community.

The system for evaluating loan agreements developed by SKB Lab allows you to:

  • Evaluate and segment the customer base for calculating credit offers. Up to 100 thousand new offers can be processed per session.
  • Perform settlements on previously executed loans to manage the loan portfolio (up to 200 thousand contracts per session).
  • Put customers on monitoring with BCI triggers, perform package requests for credit histories and assess debt burden levels according to the FSSP (up to 50 thousand individual cards per session).
  • Monitor the quality of data in the database of customer credit histories (up to 100 thousand history records per processing session).

The system of batch evaluation of credit agreements in operation has been in operation for more than a year. On requests to the BKI and FSSP, Sinara Bank saved tens of millions of rubles. In addition, he had the opportunity to avoid a multiple increase in costs when scaling a business.

In addition to the system of package assessment of credit agreements, the SKB Lab team developed a credit pipeline based on Jmix, a system for supporting the outbound delivery of credit products, a system for evaluating counterparties and candidates for employment, and also automated the workplaces of underwriters for loans of individuals and employees of the bank guarantee support department.

The experience of SBC Lab confirms that the service model of fintech solutions can be more efficient and more productive than the "classic" ABS.

Holemont is a partner at Low-code Day 2022

On March 24, 2022 , the Low-code Day 2022 conference will be held. It will bring together manufacturers of Low-code products and business representatives who are actively introducing these practices. Various Low-code products allow you to speed up development processes, as well as lower the entry threshold and attract a wider range of specialists, from lay professionals to developers with little experience. The conference participants will discuss the experience of introducing Low-code technologies and culture, as well as other relevant issues.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Evolution of Low-code approach.
  • Development of Low-code development in the corporate sector.
  • Experience in the practical use of Low-code.
  • Advantages and risks of using Low-code.
  • Low-code development tools and selection criteria.
  • Efficient management of Low-code development.
  • And more.

The company "Houlmont," Russian a manufacturer-platform Open-source for the rapid development of corporate, software Jmix will act as a partner of the conference. to marketing Platform Director Viktor Fadeev will talk about the modernization of corporate information systems in today's conditions and how Jmix can help in this.

Now there is a shortage of developers in the market. In addition, many foreign companies are leaving, their products need to be replaced, but not everyone has a complete analogue. Another factor that is becoming more relevant is security issues.

Many companies face a choice: wait until everything normalizes, or start acting right now. When choosing the second option, you need to carry out an inventory of systems, build a risk map, prepare a list of solutions for modernization, and decide on the approach.

Possible approaches are the use of box solutions, custom development or development on their own. Each approach has its own pros and cons. A single quick development platform with Low Code Jmix tools will support any of these scenarios. The platform is based on both finished products and more than 1000 custom projects around the world. At the conference, you will learn what provides a wide range of applicability of the platform, the structure and what effect its use will bring to the business.

Holemont participates in IT Government Day 2022

March 16, 2022 in Moscow will host the conference IT Government Day 2022, organized by the portal TAdviser. Representatives of government agencies, regulators and Russian technology companies will take part in it, who will be able to share their experience in implementing various solutions and discuss topical issues with experts.

Among the expected topics for discussion:

About one of the projects "Holmont," the total digitalization of the document flow in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug - from kindergartens to the work of the governor, can be found out at the conference. Alexander Bobkov, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Governor of the YNAODmitry Shmelev and Head of Projects in the Houlmont Public Sector, will talk about the tasks set and the results achieved.

The government of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug planned to replace foreign software with domestic software, priority was given to open technologies. The new solution required the simultaneous transfer of 23 thousand users and the migration of more than 300 thousand documents. A minimum of processes for automation included the office, document management, work with contracts, administrative documents and resolutions.

From the report it will be possible to find out:

  • Which authorities were automated.
  • What functions are put into operation - including, beyond the plan minimum.
  • Details about the individual features of the implemented solution, including full-text search, manager's mobile workplace, and reporting.
  • How the solution architecture is organized.
  • How was the implementation.
  • What results have been achieved: how many users work, how many simultaneous connections, how various processes have accelerated, and so on.

To participate in the conference, register in the form by clicking on the link.

The Thesis team will participate in the SED and ECM Day

On February 22, 2022, the SED and ECM Day conference will be held in Moscow, one of the largest industry events that will bring together vendors, as well as representatives of business and the public sector. Participants will discuss what tasks electronic document management systems are solving today, what functions SED should have for the greatest convenience and maximum efficiency.

The following issues will be the focus of SED and ECM Day:

  • Evolution of electronic workflow and systems for its automation
  • Features of SED in various sectors: public sector, industry, financial sector, etc.
  • Automate document validation and generation.
  • Creating a modern digital archive.
  • Move to paperless exchange of legally relevant documents.
  • And so on.

SED THESIS became a partner of the conference. The product team is striving to be on top of technology and is planning a new breakthrough step - you can find out more about this on SED and ECM Day. Product Owner SED THESIS Ilya Zaichikov will talk about a large-scale innovation that is currently being worked on - an artificial intelligence module will appear in the system. Some time ago, the R&D phase was completed, the product team thoroughly worked out the technological basis of the project and the AI use cases. Already, many customers have expressed interest in its appearance. Ilya Zaichikov will tell what the artificial intelligence module will be and how it will make users' work faster and more convenient.

Haulmont will take part in the conference "Import substitution 2022: real experience"

February 16, 2022 in Moscow will be held "Import Substitution 2022: Real Experience," organized by TAdviser.

The strategy import substitution is spreading more and more every year. More and more companies from various industries are switching from foreign software to. the Russian At the conference "Import Substitution 2022: Real Experience," representatives of business, public sectors and vendor companies will discuss the state of the market, Russian ON the practice of replacing foreign solutions with domestic ones, as well as other relevant issues. Among them are the following topics:

  • Open Source technologies as the basis of import substitution.
  • Digital transformation of enterprises as an opportunity to smoothly transition to Russian software and products that can solve this problem.
  • Difficulties that companies face when importing.
  • And more.

Among the participants of the conference were Rostelecom PJSC, VTB Bank, VK Digital Technologies, etc. Haulmont, which creates enterprise automation systems, will act as a conference partner.

"The main thesis of import substitution" will submit to Product Owner EDMS TEZISILYA of Hares the report.

First of all, he will talk about the experience of replacing Lotus Notes in the Government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, where over 23,000 users work daily with more than 20,000 documents. Ilya Zaichikov will also share other cases on replacing foreign SED in industry, the financial sector, trade and other industries. And most importantly, he will tell what the real import substitution is.


New design of SED THESIS and experience of implementation in "BAT Russia": what awaits participants of SED and ECM Day

The SED THESIS team will take part in the TAdviser SED and ECM Day conference, which will be held on September 22. The main theme of the event will be the peculiarities of the systems at the current stage of development, as well as the best practices of their implementation.

Electronic document management technologies are evolving very quickly and have already undergone several transformations. Leading analysts do not always keep pace with the changes and specifics of regional markets. At the SED and ECM Day conference , you can hear the points of view of technology suppliers and large businesses, which will share the experience of automation and development of SED. It is planned to address the issues of SZEDO, integration of SED with the rest of the corporate infrastructure, changes in the field of electronic archives, Low Code and other technologies of castomization, as well as much more.

SED THESIS acts as a partner of the conference. In addition, Product Owner SED THESIS Ilya Zaichikov will present a new design of SED THESIS, talk about UI/UX changes and new mechanics that have been implemented at the numerous requests of current and potential customers. The new design was developed with the participation of a consulting company. A lot of effort was invested in studying trends, user behavior and feedback from our customers. One of the most interesting features is the introduction of new widgets that will allow users to easily and without the participation of developers to customize the system to meet any their needs, including changing the appearance.

The experience of implementing the system will be shared by Ksenia Ovsyannikova, project manager at BAT Russia, the Russian representative office of the transnational company British American Tobacco. She will talk about the construction of a cross-functional automation system based on SED THESIS. The scale of implementation is 2000 employees. A month, 10,000 documents pass through the system.

The following issues can be discussed at the SED and ECM Day:

  • As in BAT Russia, work with contracts and powers of attorney is organized, how control of budget and tender limits is ensured when negotiating contracts.
  • How to process multiple documents in a single package, and how to interact with the SAP Accounting System and the WZEDO System.
  • How an electronic archive helps save time when preparing tax reports.
  • How to use SED to reconcile capital expenditures.

You can register for the event here.

Product owner SED THESIS Ilya Zaichikov will speak at SED and ECM Day with a report on approaches to implementation using the example of real cases

The SED THESIS team will act as a partner of the online conference TAdviser SED and ECM Day, which will be held on March 17. Its main theme will be changing the role of electronic document management systems . Today, such solutions allow not only to automate the office and translate documents into electronic form, but also to organize the management of almost any business processes.

A separate and very important issue for customers is how to implement and develop SED. Is it possible to independently execute a large project covering many unique tasks?

For customers, not only the capabilities of the SED are important, but also the options for its implementation and development. For example, how to independently execute a project for 9,000 users? Product Owner SED THESIS Ilya Zaichikov will talk about different approaches to implementation using the example of real cases. In particular:

  • Independent implementation of the system in the largest private vertically integrated company of Kazakhstan - "Central Asian Electric Power Corporation."
  • Together with the vendor, the development of the system in a world-famous classification society is the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
  • Joint implementation in one of the large Russian 585 Golds GOLD with 4 territorial directorates and 320 retail stores.
  • Implementation of Agile in TAB Bank, an online bank from the USA.
  • Introduction of Waterfall in one of the largest Russian banks in the Top 10 in terms of assets.

All these projects provided for the automation of processes that are not standard for SED in the usual understanding, such as connecting consumers to power grids, budgeting, inspection of ships, etc.

In addition, at the SED and ECM Day, Ilya Zaichikov will share plans for the development of the SED THESIS and talk about the innovations that will appear in the system in 2021.

Grant of 85 million rubles for the development of cloud low code platform

Russian The Development Fund information technology () RFRIT on January 12, 2021 announced TAdviser the results of two competitive selections for grants: support for projects for the implementation of domestic IT solutions (PP of the Russian Federation No. 550) and support for development projects (PP domestic software RUSSIAN FEDERATION No. 1185).

Hoolmont, the creator of the cloud source platform for software developers (CUBA Platform), will receive a grant of 85.24 million rubles for the development of integration with public clouds and CI/CD tools, the development of BPM support, the improvement of visual development tools and the modern UI and UX user interface. The result should be a platform that can be classified as "Low-Code (LCAP) for developers" or "next-generation RAD" (support for creating applications with a minimum amount of coding). More details here.


TAdviser interview with Product Owner Ilya Zaichikov

EDMS In December 2020, in an interview TAdviser with HAULMONT's Ilya Zaichikov Product Owner SED, what kind of advanced look is acquired today, and what ensures their competitiveness in THESIS the global market. More details here.

TAdviser interview with head of the direction Evgeny Degtyarev

In November 2020, Yevgeny Degtyarev, head of custom development at Haulmont, told TAdviser how this market is changing under the influence of complex digitalization, pandemic and other modern trends. More details here.

When Russian means the best! Product owner SED THESIS will speak at the conference "Import substitution of IT in Russia 2020"

The SED THESIS team will take part in the online conference "Import Substitution of IT in Russia 2020." Product owner system Ilya Zaichikov will give a report on how Russian software can successfully compete with foreign software.

The policy of import substitution is gaining strength, today it largely determines the digital modernization of the country's economy. One of the main business concerns regarding import substitution is related to the competitiveness of Russian products compared to foreign ones. Will companies following this policy have to use worse quality applications when selecting software?

Of course, the situation depends on the class of corporate software. If we talk about SED, there are strong Russian vendors who can successfully compete with foreign ones. Their decisions will benefit, even if the import substitution criterion is not taken into account.

On October 22, at the conference, we will discuss in which cases "Russian means the best" is not just a loud slogan:

  • What is the situation on the world market now and what solutions are classified as SED?
  • What do customers worldwide want? Do companies in the Russian market differ?
  • What foreign decisions were replaced by large Russian business, and what does this experience show?
  • Are there examples of Russian SED exports?
  • On what does the competitiveness of Russian SED depend?

SED THESIS team to take part in TAdviser: SED and ECM Day

Product owner EDMS THESIS Zaichikov Ilya will speak on September 23 at the TAdviser: SED and ECM Day conference with a presentation on how to decide not to become a pensioner at 10 years old.

This year, the THESIS system turned 10 years old. When it first entered the market, products that were 10 years old seemed to be reaching retirement age and lagging behind in terms of technology. And now the system itself has crossed this line.

During this time, over 500 customers chose SED THESIS, including Promsvyazbank, Ingosstrakh, Russian Foreign Ministry, Rosgeologia, DNS, Nokia, the government of several constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In 2020, the decision won the Voskhod Research Institute competition and became the technological basis of the standard SED for government agencies.

Despite the fact that SED THESIS is already 10 years old, the product team strives to provide customers with freedom, and not to constrain them with restrictions. The report on SED and ECM Day will talk about the main difference between a pioneer and a pensioner. Ilya Zaichikov will talk about the requirements for electronic document management systems and the trend of the ECM market, which highlights Gartner. He will also explain what all implementation projects have in common with large customers and how they remain relevant in the long run. Participants in SED and ECM Day will be able to learn more about the experience of developing some such projects.

How to choose a technology base for digital transformation

Due to digital transformation, some strive to take leadership positions in the market, while others do not lag behind. When it comes to the introduction of specific solutions, they usually primarily recall artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning - technologies that are now hearing. However, breakthrough technologies are not the only component of a successful digital transformation. A prerequisite for its implementation is the proper level of automation. Haulmont shared with TAdviser its vision of how to best provide it using the open source platform CUBA Platform. [1]More.

How digital transformation helps businesses survive quarantine because of COVID-19. A Real Example

Digital transformation will not help businesses predict the "next coronavirus." However, it will provide flexibility and mobility that will allow it to cope. Whatever the future prepares, those companies that respond faster and better to the next global challenge and can implement Plan B without stopping the part of the business that continues to work will benefit. Read more here and here.

Victory in the tender for the choice of a solution for the UZEDO of state bodies of Russia

As found out CNews on January 31, 2020, a typical solution electronic document management system (SED) for state agencies will be built on the basis of the company's finished EDMS product Samara. She Haulmont won the thematic tender of the subordinate, Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Research Institute "Sunrise" which is engaged in the creation of the platform. legally significant electronic document management (SZEDO) More details here. [2]

The decision of Haulmont helped the British The Keyholding Company increase turnover several times and diversify the business

The task of The Keyholding Company was to implement a technology platform that would not only increase the level of service and streamline business processes, but also provide the opportunity to scale and evolve business. The development was carried out by Haulmont. More details here.

Interview with TAdviser with product owner SED "THESIS" Ilya Zaichikov

In January 2020, Ilya Zaichikov product owner EDMS "," THESIS Haulmont, in an interview TAdviser , spoke about the key innovations of the latest version of the system that electronic document management the company develops, the features of its mobile functionality, as well as export potential. More. here

2019: Interview with TAdviser with Ilya Zaichikov - product-ouner of SED "Thesis"

In March 2019, Ilya Zaichikov, product owner of the Thesis SED, in an interview with TAdviser spoke about the development of the electronic document management system, the results of its promotion in the world market, as well as the experience of substitution and the features of replacing foreign solutions of this class.


Trade representative office in Vladivostok

On July 23, 2018, Holmont announced the opening of a sales representative office EDMS THESIS in. Vladivostok

The representative office focuses on the regions of the Far Eastern and Siberian federal districts. It sells the system, demonstrates its capabilities, advises. When concluding the contract, during the implementation and after the system is put into operation, the managers of the representative office will remain in contact with the customer.

The THESIS system is already used by many companies and organizations from the eastern regions of Russia. The physical presence of the vendor in the region is important in many situations.

Now customers can quickly contact the manager at any time, as well as talk live and discuss current issues. It has become easier to organize a presentation of the THESIS system in the company's office. IT professionals can engage mission staff as experts when communicating with business units.

TAdviser interview with Alexander Nazarov, Sales Director of SED Thesis

In March 2018, Alexander Nazarov the sales director, in EDMS THESIS an interview with TAdviser, spoke about the results of 2017, experience import substitution and promising directions for the development of the system. electronic document management

2017: TAdviser interview with SED Thesis Sales Director Alexander Nazarov

In November 2017, the Alexander Nazarov Sales Director of the SED THESIS of Haulmont, in an interview with TAdviser, spoke about key changes in the Russian EDMSECM market/-systems for 2017, about the innovations implemented and plans for the development of the THESIS system, as well as about the main obstacles to the mass transition to paperless document circulation in. Russia


Revenue growth by 54.9%

In 2016, the revenue of the company "Holmont" amounted to 426 million rubles, which is 54.9% higher than the same indicator in 2015. In the ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" according to the results of 2016, the company "Houlmont" took 94th place.

In 2016, the turnover from the sale and implementation of the THESIS system increased by 33% and amounted to 89 million rubles.

Partnership with EMDEV

An exclusive partnership was concluded with EMDEV, the only gold partner of the corporate portal Liferay in Russia. Within the framework of this cooperation, our solution "THESIS: Portal" is developing in accordance with the current state of the Liferay portal.

FSTEC Privacy Licenses

The company "Holmont" received in the fall two licenses of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC). The first covers the technical protection of confidential information, and the second covers the production and development of tools for the protection of confidential information.

By order of the FSTEC of Russia in the Samara Region of September 16, 2016, the company "Houlmont" acquired the official right to carry out activities related to the software and technical protection of confidential information.

Here development and production of means of protection of confidential information, control of security of confidential information from unauthorized access and modification in means and the systems of informatization, design of means and systems of informatization in the protected execution and also installation, installation, tests and repair of means of information protection enters.

2015: Indefinite right to cryptography

On July 9, 2015, Hoolmont LLC received a license from the FSB of the Russian Federation to develop and distribute software protected using encryption (cryptographic) means. The issued license is valid indefinitely.

The Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation in the Samara Region confirmed by a decision of June 24, 2015 that the company "Holmont" has the official right to perform the work provided for in paragraphs 2, 8, 13, 17, 22 of the List of works performed and services provided, constituting licensed activities in relation to cryptographic means. This includes, first of all, the development, production, distribution, as well as the installation (installation) and maintenance of information systems that can be protected using encryption (cryptography).


30% increase in turnover from sale and implementation of THESIS

In 2014, the company managed to increase turnover from the sale and implementation of the THESIS system by 30 percent.

TAdviser interview with Houlmont Commercial Director Ivan Laskin

In September 2014, company representative Ivan Laskin gave a second interview to TAdviser.


In October 2013, company representative Ivan Laskin gave an interview to TAdviser.