Perekrest Andrey
Perekrest Andrey



In early July 2017, Andrey Perekrest and Taras Chirkov, heads of the Moscow and St. Petersburg data center company Linxdatacenter, respectively, successfully completed a course for accredited operations specialists Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS) Uptime Institute. This training program is specially designed for managers of business-critical structures: according to the creators of the course, the translated knowledge allows us to further effectively apply the world standards of Tier Standards in the operational management of the infrastructure complex and personnel.

"More than 60% of all data center problems and downtime are associated with the so-called" human factor. " We consider our priority to constantly improve the reliability of our data centers. This vector of business development is reflected in the constant development of the team and investment in personnel. For our customers, the accreditation of the heads of the Russian data centers Uptime Institute serves as an excellent indicator confirming the correctness of choosing a partner for the provision of storage services, data processing and working with cloud services. Our customers can be sure that their IT infrastructure is in the reliable hands of world-class professionals, and focus on achieving current business goals, "commented Mikhail Vetrov, CEO of Linxdatacenter Russia.

According to the information presented on the official portal of the Uptime Institute, as of 2017, only 5 certified data center managers have successfully completed the course for accredited operations specialists (AOS) in Russia, two of whom work at Linxdatacenter. In total, there are 66 specialists of this level in the world.

According to July 2018, Andrey Perekrest is the technical director of the Linxdatacenter data center in Moscow.

2022: Appointment as CEO of Linxdatacenter

On May 13, 2022, Andrey Perekrest was appointed the new CEO of Linxdatacenter. In this post, he replaced Olga Sokolova, who, as noted in the company, during her leadership "did a tremendous job of taking the business to a new level."

I perceive the appointment as a challenge and great responsibility. I see a huge field of opportunities for the development of Linxdatacenter. We entered a difficult, but extremely interesting and potentially fruitful period. I thank Olga Sokolova for her contribution to the history of the company, as well as for his readiness to contribute to the development of Linxdatacenter in the future, "said Andrey Perekrest, whose words are quoted by the press service of the company.

Linxdatacenter noted that by May 2022, Andrey Perekrest has 15 years of experience in the field of business process automation, including at the posts of heads of the Moscow data center, head of the network service and customer support Linxdatacenter. According to Olga Sokolova, who worked in the role of top manager of Linxdatacenter since 2017, the ideal moment has come for transferring the management of Linxdatacenter to the hands of a strong manager with technical backstory, experience in building and commissioning data centers, experience in network and engineering infrastructure.

Listing the achievements of Linxdatacenter during Sokolova's tenure as CEO, the company indicated the following:

  • revenue and profit have more than doubled since 2017;
  • the change of shareholders in 2021 currently contributes to stable development in the current economic conditions;
  • the construction of the second site of the Serebryakov data center in Moscow at 45 MW was launched;
  • The LinxCloud cloud platform has more than quadrupled;
  • a team of strong motivated managers was created.[1]