Kobzev Sergey Sergeyevich
Kobzev Sergey Sergeyevich


He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Economics, Informatics, Finance and Law (MESI) with a degree in Finance and Credit.

He was in the state service, worked in a large the Russian heat power company and a federal postal operator. As part of this experience, he coped with various tasks - from conducting investigations in commodity markets to forming and implementing a GR strategy.

2022: Deputy Director for Interaction with Federal and Regional Authorities Cross Technologies

On May 11, 2022, the Russian developer and distributor of information security solutions Cross Technologies announced the appointment of Sergei Kobzev to the post of Deputy General Director for Interaction with Federal and Regional Authorities.

Sergey's key responsibilities included ensuring effective cooperation with state authorities to achieve an optimal balance of business and state interests, as well as accelerating import substitution in the field of IT through the introduction of domestic products.

{{quote 'It is necessary to pay special attention to the importance of the prompt introduction of domestic IB products not only in commercial organizations, but also public sector in. So, from January 1, 2025, a ban on the use of foreign ON products by state bodies at facilities is introduced. critical information infrastructure Vulnerabilities in this area will not be limited to economic and reputational consequences, but can pose a real threat to the security of the state. You need to act proactively as quickly as possible: analyze IT systems and implement Russian solutions. On May 1, the President RUSSIAN FEDERATION by his Decree "On Additional Measures to Ensure Information Security of the Russian Federation" decided to create IT security units in state bodies and organizations that are subjects of a critical information structure, countries identifying a responsible deputy head, "said Sergey Kobzev, Deputy General Director for Interaction with Federal and Regional Authorities Cross Technologies. }}