Soldatov Alexey Anatolyevich
Soldatov Alexey Anatolyevich


Alexey Anatolyevich Soldatov was born on November 25, 1951 in Moscow.

In 1974 graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

In 1979 defended the master's thesis, in the 1987th - the doctoral dissertation.

After the termination of institute worked in RNTs "Kurchatov Institute" where consistently held positions of the engineer, junior researcher, chief of laboratory, the associate director of department, the director of computer center.

From 1995 to 1997 was the advisor to director general of FAGCI.

In 1997 became the director of Institute of Information systems of RNTs "Kurchatov Institute". Dean of faculty of nanotechnologies and information science of MIPT, department chair of information science.

2008-2010: Work in the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications

In 2008-2010 Soldatov was a Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation in Igor Shchegolev's team.

In the ministry Alexey Soldatov supervised strategic and scientific and technical development of the industry. Questions of development and start of the electronic government, creation of technoparks in the country fell within the scope of its activity. Besides, it supervised the project on obtaining the Cyrillic domain. The Russian Federation and also lawmaking activities for regulation of relationship of subjects on the Internet.

2010: Transition to MSU

In November, 2010 it is appointed the vice rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

2011: Charge of capture of a zone. Russian Federation

On January 26, 2011 at the disposal of CNews[1] The draft decision of the commission created at the Coordination center of the national domain of the Internet (CC, the regulator of the domain zones.RU и.РФ) for investigation of potential abuses during registration of domains in зоне.РФ was[1]. The commission into which deputies of the State Duma from United Russia Alexander Khinshtein and Alexander Kogan entered, in particular, considered hasty and not up to the end worked out the decision of council of CC on the beginning made on September 30, 2010 since November 11, 2010 open enrollment of the Cyrillic domains. And, according to the commission, the CC was forced it to make under pressure of the representative of the state in council – the Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Alexey Soldatov of that time (is the founder of the USSR's first Internet service provider - Relcom).

During the investigation the commission found out that the sister Soldatova – Irina Rassolova – owns 14% of stocks of registrar "Regional Information Centre" (Ru-Center, data of the USRLE). Its shareholders are also two more people entering into council of CC for launch of зоны.РФ: the CEO of Ru-Center Alexey Lesnikov (23% of stocks given to the USRLE) and the CEO of "The technical center of the Internet" (maintains a root register of domain zones. RU. SU and. Russian Federation) Alexey Platonov. According to the commission, Platonov is the CEO and the owner of 50% of stocks of Fiard company which possesses 49% of stocks of Ru-Center. Platonov confirmed to the commission the affiliation with Fiard and Ru-Center, Soldatov refused to communicate with the commission.

The commission does not exclude that specified persons made impact on the management of CC "on purpose not to set in motion to investigation of abuses", thanks to which Ru-Center during registration of domains in a zone. "Capture" of a large number of domains could perform the Russian Federation. In particular, during the first hours after the beginning of open enrollment the Ru-Center registered on itself 60 thousand domain names from which then on 24 thousand the registrar held private auctions (it became if prior to open enrollment more than one preliminary application for the same domain name came to Ru-Center). According to the commission, such actions violate the rules of CC prohibiting to registrars to set the different price of registration of domains for different clients, and obliging registrars to perform registration of domains on first come of requests from clients.

Besides, as in a zone. By the Russian Federation it is forbidden change of the owner of the domain within a year after the beginning of open enrollment, after holding auctions the Ru-Center remained the administrator of the sold domains in the root register of domain names. Winners of auctions registered as administrators only in the internal register of Ru-Center that, according to the commission, does not grant them rights of possession domains and is false representation of clients. The management of CC opposed actions of Ru-Center only after the Soldatov's resignation, having tried to block the domains offered for an auction.

The Ru-Center confirmed that Alexey Soldatov's sister is a shareholder of the company, having assured that the Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications in no way did not lobby the interests of the company in council of CC.

2012: Appointment of informatization of MSU as the head of department

Since 2012 Alexey Soldatov works as the adviser to the rector – the head of department of informatization of MSU.

2019: House arrest

On December 25 TASS with reference to the press service of Tverskoy Court of Moscow reported that Alexey Soldatov is sent under house arrest. He is suspected of large scale fraud.

Alexey Soldatov is sent under house arrest till January 28, 2020
the Court dismissed the petition of SCh GSU Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across Moscow about election of a measure of restraint in the form of arrest and sent under house arrest of Soldatov Alexey Anatolyevich suspected of fraud", - the press secretary of court Olga Bondareva told news agency.


According to her, the petition was considered on December 13. The term of house arrest is set to Soldatov till January 28, 2020.

According to the Meduza edition, case is connected with transfer about 490 thousand IPv4-addresses for the amount more than 600 million rubles from the Russian research institute of development of public networks (RIPN) in the Czech company Reliable Communications which co-owner is Soldatov. At RIPN which long time was one of key institutes on management of Runet historically there was a big pool of the IPv4-addresses which became deficit recently — in November they completely ended in Europe.

2020: Prolongation of house arrest

The first prolongation of house arrest

On January 27, 2020 Tverskoy district court of Moscow prolonged to Soldatov house arrest for two months.

The second prolongation of house arrest

On March 25, 2020 Tverskoy district court of Moscow prolonged the term of house arrest to Soldatov again - till May 28, 2020.

The lawyer in the matter of the ex-Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Soldatov: there is a feeling that the investigation drove itself into the deadlock and slips.

Any materials, including proofs of fault of defendants in the case of Alexey Soldatov, the investigation still did not provide to their lawyers. This TAdviser was declared by the lawyer of one of defendants in the case Alexey Shkittin Sarkis Darbinyan on May 8, 2020. In more detail here.

The third prolongation of house arrest

On May 26, 2020 Tverskoy district court of Moscow once again prolonged the term of house arrest to Soldatov - till July 28, 2020.

Release from under house arrest

The ex-Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Alexey Soldatov accused "of plunder by deception of the right to the IP addresses" was released on September 28 from under house arrest. The Meduza edition reported about it.

Alexey Soldatov and also Evgeny Antipov who is connected to the case are released on recognizance, two interlocutors familiar with case parts told Medusa. This information was confirmed to the edition by Alexey Soldatov's lawyer Natalya Davydova.

… Changed Alexey Soldatov and Evgeny Antipov a measure of restraint to recognizance not to leave since September 28. The party of protection filed repeated petitions, complaints to groundlessness of contents under house arrest were filed, and we were heard. The law works, - Davydova told Jellyfish.

At the end of 2019 Alexey Soldatov was accused "of plunder by deception of the right to the IP addresses", but an actual reason of this case called the conflict around the rights to the

At the end of 2019 Alexey Soldatov was accused "of plunder by deception of the right to the IP addresses", but an actual reason of this case called the conflict around the rights to the In September, 2020 the driver's license to management of the was got by the state on behalf of RIPN - upon the demand of Administration of the President of their organization transferred the Fund of Development of the Internet (FDI) managing this domain of nearly 20 years, one of interlocutors of Jellyfish claims.

In base of Administration of an address space of the Internet (IANA) RIPN really appears the manager and the domain administrator though at the time of emergence of criminal case concerning Soldatov by the domain administrator specified FRI. On the website RIPN the message that the domain was 30 years old was published on September 18 and now in it more than 100 thousand websites are registered.

In 2019 domain. SU was included by the Government of the Russian Federation in structure of the Russian national domain zone, and in a year RIPN is again transferred under management, - it is told in the message.

In the same place there is information that since August 1 RIPN executes obligations for registration of domain names in the

Galina Soldatova, the director of FRI and Alexey Soldatov's spouse, confirmed information on transfer of all rights to management of the domain to RIPN.

Transfer the was, of course, not our initiative - we worked hard years with this domain and put many forces in that to save it. But RIPN at the new management decided to return itself all powers by the domain, and we gave them, - Soldatova told.

In RIPN were not responsible for questions of Jellyfish.

The co-owner of FRI and the person involved in criminal case Alexey Shkittin says that a request to give the rights to the arrived directly from Presidential Administration.

After in November, 2019 became effective the law on sovereign Runet under which the became a part of "a national domain zone", from Presidential Administration the command to take it under the control came to RIPN. The director of FRI Galina Soldatova in rather menacing form was forced to assign all rights on management of the domain, having hinted that otherwise it can appear on one dock with Alexey Soldatov. I did not give the consent to transfer of the domain, but special options to fight were not, - Shkittin told Medusa.

At the same time Shkittin noted that FRI performed many years functions of the administrator for the and though in IANA base RIPN appeared the manager of the domain, actually this function was performed too by FRI.

Between RIPN and FRI there was officially issued agreement in this respect, - he claims.

But in Presidential Administration were afraid that during liquidation RIPN in FRI functions of the manager of the will be transferred "and he will become its full owner therefore the state completely will lose control", one of federal officials explained in a conversation with Jellyfish.

Alexey Platonov from council told earlier RIPN to Medusa too that RIPN and to Soldatova not so much the situation with a transfer of the IP addresses, how many "concern for the fate of the" became the reason for intervention of Presidential Administration in the conflict between. Under the law on sovereign Runet the really is a part of "a national domain zone" and the non-profit organization should perform "coordination of its activity", one of founders of which is the Russian Federation. The fund of development the Internet under these criteria does not approach.

Scientific deposit

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Fonda of development Internet. Alexey Soldatov is known as the founder of Runet also is one of the leading theorists in the field of electronic structure of substance and nuclear and electronic processes. It published more than 50 scientific articles which gained broad fame and recognition both within the country, and abroad. Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences.


Married. Has two children. The sister is Irina Rassolova.