NGR Softlab: Alertix platform for event analysis

Developers: NGR Softlab (Engiar Softlab)
Last Release Date: 2022/05/06
Technology: MDM - Master Data Management - Master Master Data Management,  IB - Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Main articles:

2022: Update output 3.2.2.

On May 6, 2022, the Russian developer NGR Softlab announced that it had prepared an update 3.2.2. for the Alertix platform. Software is intended for monitoring of IB events, detection of incidents, their accounting, investigation and notification of regulators.

Alertix: collecting, processing and storing events

This is a minor update, but the volume of changes is quite large: stability and architecture issues have been finalized, Anomaly Detection service has been introduced, UI\UX and platform functionality have been improved.

The introduction of the Anomaly Detection behavioral analytics service of the User and Entity Behavior Analytics class will allow you to track deviations in the behavior of users, hosts and processes from "normal" by 46 profiles. From the anomalous behavior of users detected, it is possible to quickly create a suspicion in the incident accounting service - manually or when using anomaly records by the correlation service.

To better protect Alertix from possible errors, data loss, and backup corruption, mechanisms for rotating, backing up, and updating data have been refined. NGR Softlab also optimized the mechanisms of update cycles to reduce the time of Alertix administrators and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Among the interface update items, you can note an increase in search capabilities in the host browser, as well as an increase in the convenience of monitoring background tasks for generating tags for enriching and marking events and prioritizing IT assets. To facilitate diagnostics and ease of access to technical support "in one click" on the "About" page, the ability to upload a package of all logs of the platform (logs dump) in a compressed form has been added.

"We analyze the performance of our software and continue to improve both the functional component and the interface to provide our customers with ease of use. We consider the operational implementation of modules and systems for detecting illegitimate actions in the customer's infrastructure to be an important reference point in the work of NGR Softlab. The company's experts aim to develop the capabilities of the platform and provide tools in response to the changing threat landscape, "

noted Dmitry Pudov, CEO of NGR Softlab

2021: Inclusion in the Unified Register of Russian Programs

On July 6, 2021, it became known that the Alertix decision of the Russian developer PONGR Softlab was included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases.

The software is assigned the 2021612428 number for the main class "Monitoring and Control Systems" and the additional class "Decision Support Tools (DSS)."

The Alertix platform is a versatile tool for collecting and processing data, searching and automatically signature detection of unwanted events or combinations thereof, as well as visualizing the dynamics and values ​ ​ of stored data. The solution can be used to manage IT logs (LM), IT and IB monitoring (SOC, NOC), support change management processes, and any other processes that require data-driven decision support .

The Alertix platform was designed and developed to provide commercial serve as required by experienced IB analysts. The primary objectives of the development were to provide a truly fast and convenient tool for searching large amounts of data, which allows you to reduce the duration of the investigation processes and collect the necessary facts.

NGR Softlab registered all three of its products in the Register of Domestic Software. For us, this event is an important stage in the long-term strategy of strengthening the presence and achieving leadership in the Russian market of IB solutions, which we are focused on in the first place. The company seeks to analyze trends and anticipate the needs of customers facing information security challenges, "comments NGR Softlab CEO Dmitry Pudov.