FIU for 1.16 billion rubles will create a single system of automation of internal document flow for funds of the Ministry of Labor

Customers: Pension Fund of Russia (FIU)

Moscow; State and social structures

Product: Unified information system for automation of administrative and economic activities

Project date: 2022/05  - 2024/03

The Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) in May announced a tender for the development of the information system "Unified Information System for Automation of Administrative and Economic Activities." The system will combine all the current decisions of the Ministry of Labor and the funds coordinated by it: FIU, FSS (Social Insurance Fund ), FBSU FB ITU ( Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise). The maximum tender amount is 1.16 billion rubles.

As part of the project to create a single system for FIU and FSS, subsystems should be created:

  • "Accounting";
  • "Budgeting";
  • "Personnel accounting";
  • Procurement Management;
  • "Property Management."

For the Ministry of Labor and ITU - the subsystem "Property Management."

The goal of the project is to achieve maximum automation of the supporting processes of the activities of state funds and organizations coordinated by the Ministry of Labor, and to switch to a fully electronic internal document flow.

According to the terms of reference, the system should be created on the basis ON of open source software or domestic software entered in the Register. The subsystems shall operate on a single centralized database managed by the OS Linux DBMS and Postgres Pro Enterprise Certified, certified. FSTEC

At the same time, the deployment of the system does not imply the purchase of equipment, for its launch, the Ministry of Digital allocated computing power in Gosoblak:

  • Number of computing cores (vCPU) - 1346 pcs.;
  • RAM capacity - 5092 GB;
  • Volume of disk progression "vSSD" - 72850 GB;
  • Disk progression "vSATA" is 30000 GB.

The total number of system users will exceed 150 thousand.

The results of the competition will be announced on June 26, 2022. The system should be commissioned no later than March 2024.