Failed provider of technical support services of the Russian DBMS for the Ministry of Finance was excommunicated from the state order

Customers: Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Moscow; State and social structures

Contractors: Aydi
Product: IT outsourcing projects

Project date: 2021/07
Project's budget: 37 600 000 руб.

2022: Removal of Aidy from the project

The victory of the Iron Sea company "Aidy" in the IT tender of the Ministry of Finance turned into a register of unscrupulous suppliers for the organization. The company was included in it on August 26, 2021. This became known on May 6, 2022.

The blacklisting was due to the fact that the company was recognized by the Ministry of Finance as having avoided signing a contract for the supply of technical support to SUBDPostgres Pro Enterprise.

The mentioned tender was announced by the Ministry of Finance on July 6, 2021 in the format of an electronic auction. The initial contract price was set at 38.2 million rubles. Applications from applicants were accepted until July 15. At the end of this period, it became clear that OTR-BIT was also the applicant for the contract, in addition to Aidy.

Her offer amounted to 37.8 million rubles. Aidy in the auction stopped at 37.6 million rubles. On this basis, the organization was recognized as the winner of the tender. The work under the contract was designed for the period until March 1, 2022.

Information about the non-conclusion of the Aidi contract was submitted to the public procurement website on August 2, 2021.

The register of unscrupulous suppliers is two regularly updated lists of contractors who, in one way or another, have been seriously fined at public procurement: a separate list for companies that have failed before government agencies, and a separate list for organizations that have been fined before companies with state participation.

Aidy was blacklisted by government agencies. This does not prevent companies with state participation from participating in procurement.

The company did not agree with excommunication from the state order and on September 29, 2021 filed a lawsuit with the FAS in the Moscow Arbitration Court. Following the results of the trial, the judges decided on February 14, 2022 that the decision of the FAS to include Aidi in the black list was legitimate. The company exercised the legal right to challenge this decision and filed an appeal on March 21, 2022. As a result of the proceedings, the court granted it, but at the time of publication of the material, the company continues to remain in the register.

At the beginning of May 2022, the Ministry of Finance of Russia transferred all its information systems to the use of domestic databases, which made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of purchasing licenses and technical support, representatives of the Ministry of Finance told CNews. - As part of the software operation, the domestic vendor actively carries out measures to increase the stability and fault tolerance of the product, quickly eliminates technical problems that arise and introduces new software functionality.

As follows from the terms of reference of the tender, DBMS it was necessary to support the contractor of the contract servers in the main building of the Ministry of Finance To Moscow in Ilyinka, in the federal DPC ministry situated near Moscow To Dubna in and in the reserve data center in the city of Gorodets. Nizhny Novgorod region

In the contractor's list of duties, the state customer prescribed the availability of technical support 24 hours a day daily with a standard response time of 1 hour. The company needed to receive calls by phone, e-mail and through the technical support system.

The contractor was to consult on the possibilities of new versions of the Postgres Pro Enterprise DBMS and planning the transition to them, to issue urgent "bugfixes" for critical DBMS incidents.

In addition, the contractor was obliged to provide the customer with the latest versions of the Postgres Pro Enterprise DBMS and updates (patches) without additional royalties, as well as access to the technical support site[1].