Pension Fund ordered the creation of an automation system for administrative and economic activities

Customers: Pension Fund of Russia (FIU)

Moscow; State and social structures

Product: FGIS (individual development)

Project date: 2022/05  - 2024/03
Project's budget: 1 160 000 000 руб.

2022: Plan for the creation of the Unified Information System for Automation of Administrative and Economic Activities

On May 11, 2022, it became known that the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) ordered the creation of a Unified Information System for automation of administrative and economic activities for 1.16 billion rubles.

The tender for the creation of the system was published on May 6, 2022 in the format of an open competition. Applications are accepted until May 23. The results will be summed up on May 26.

Among the customers of the system are also the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (Ministry of Labor), which coordinates the activities of the FIU, the Social Insurance Fund (FSS ), the Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise of the Ministry of Labor, etc. The system should be created no later than March 31, 2024.

According to the documents, the system is designed to automate work with state extrabudgetary funds coordinated by the Ministry of Labor. It will allow you to completely abandon paper documents and switch to electronic internal document management.

Pension Fund ordered work on the creation of an automation system for economic activities The system will include the subsystems "Accounting," "Budgeting," "Personnel accounting," "Procurement management" and "Property management." With the help of subsystems, payroll, budget formation, personnel services and automation of procurement activities of the Ministry of Labor will be automated.

The terms of reference note notes that in order to effectively use budget funds and reduce risks, it is planned to use the already functioning application software in the FIU and FSS when implementing the system.

The documents establish a ban on admission ON originating from foreign. states The design system should use only freely distributed or domestic software, follows from the specification. The system itself should work on the basis operating system Linux DBMS Postgres Pro of Enterprise of the Russian company. Postgres Professional

The system will work on the state unified cloud platform "Goblako," so the acquisition, installation and commissioning of hardware, system and basic software for the system is not provided[1].