Russian Post will test the Drive Electro electric truck

Customers: Russian Post

Moscow; Logistics and Distribution

Product: Drive Electro: Electric Truck

Project date: 2021/10  - 2022/04

2022: Drive Electro Electric Truck Testing

Russian Post May 12, 2022 announced that it will test the electric truck of Drive Electro. The company plans to use the car to transport parcels and letters in Moscow.

The Russian Post will test an electric truck for the city delivery of shipments from sorting centers to branches. During operation, the company will focus not only on assessing the efficiency of cargo transportation. Specialists of the Post will analyze the reduction of environmental impact, as well as "noise pollution" taking into account the location of part of the compartments in the housing estate.

The carrying capacity of the transmitted electric truck is 4 tons, the maximum speed is 110 km/h, and the range is 400 km empty and 250 kilometers at full load. Charging is possible in two modes: standard and fast. The time of full battery charge with standard charging is 2 hours, and with fast charging - 1 hour.

We already have several cargo electric vehicles from different manufacturers in the fleet, which we test in the field. Now we can compare electric cars not only with classic diesel and gas trucks, but also with each other. We will get a more detailed picture on the capabilities and potential of different manufacturers, and also understand how existing electric vehicles can solve the problems of the Russian Post, "said Sergey Sergushev, Deputy General Director for Logistics of the Russian Post.

Drive Electro is developing electric transport as a ready-made solution for the transition to an era of environmentally friendly consumption. Our solutions for passenger transportation are already cost-effective on urban routes and have proven their reliability. Freight transportation is especially beneficial in a city with numerous forced and technological stops and should be environmentally friendly. We, as always, think about our end customers and facilitate their first step in moving to the use of technologies and transfer the electric truck together with the charging station and the service contract in 24/7 mode, "said Sergey Ivanov, founder and CEO of Drive Electro.

Russian Post is looking for and introducing technologies and solutions that can reduce the negative impact on the environment. The company plans to shift part of the fleet to the use of natural gas to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% per kg of transported cargo by 2025. In 2020, the Post Office began to convert existing gasoline and diesel vehicles to the use of natural gas.