Yandex.Cloud confirmed compliance with PCI PIN Security and PCI 3DS standards and launched "HSM as a service"

Customers: Yandex. Yandex.Cloud

Moscow; Internet services

Contractors: Deiteriy
Product: External IT and Security Audit Projects (PCI DSS and SIS)

Project date: 2022/03  - 2022/03

2022: PCI PIN Security and PCI 3DS Validation

Cloudy enhanced Yandex Cloud secure storage capabilities financial data in and cloud Provider has been validated for compliance with international PCI PIN Security and PCI 3DS data security standards. This was reported by representatives of the company on May 12, 2022.

With HSM devices, Yandex Cloud clients will be able to store cryptographic keys for data encryption. The platform provides a solution where, during sensitive information operations, keys are processed exclusively within the HSM. servers Only the client has complete administrative and cryptographic control over the dedicated HSM devices. This eliminates cases where, for example, information may remain in memory unprotected, and virtual machine minimizes attacks intruders.