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2018: Creation of the sex dolls refusing proximity

In June, 2018 the Synthea Amatus company  provided the sex robot with artificial intelligence which it is capable to refuse sexual intercourse. The sex doll which received a name Samantha independently makes decisions on proximity.

The robot for sexual joys is equipped with the sensors allowing to feel, the owner "is how gentle" with him, the AI algorithms allowing to react to behavior of the owner according to the put program are Also provided. The doll is supplied with several modes, and only in some of them it can appear "in mood" to allow the owner to have with it sex.

Sex robots learned to fail sexual intercourse

For example, the so-called "dummy" mode can join if sensors under skin of a sex doll find out that they touch it too aggressively or disrespectfully. The robot will also be able to enter the unreceptive mode if it is bothered by excessive attention of her potential lover owner. Also there are such modes as "family", "romantic" and "too naughty".

Besides,  an opportunity to remember its  intimate interaction with  the owner in  the previous times  and also to analyze the event is built in Samantha.

The idea to supply Samantha with sensors arose at the founder of Synthea Amatus company  Sergi Santos after  at an exhibition in Austria too persistent visitors  damaged  a doll. Then this thought was apprehended ambiguously. 

Santos showed ability of an intellectual sex toy to independently make the decision on sex during the presentation before scientists in the Center of sciences on life   (Life Sciences Center) in the British Newcastle.

By June, 2018 Samantha exists as a prototype, however in the near future the android should appear in mass market. The device will cost  about $4 thousand Serdzhi Santos Maritsa Kissamitaki developed the robot jointly with the 16-year-old wife.[1]

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