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Data protection

Seven councils for data protection

The Acronis company recommends to all users to study simple rules on data protection. With wide circulation of digital equipment all significant things began to be stored on the computer: personal photos and videos, important documents. Most of users agree that loss of these data for them is catastrophic, however the few really protect the information. The main reason of such carelessness often call complexity of process of backup.

Understanding it, experts of Acronis prepared seven simple and effective advice which will help to reduce risk of loss of information considerably.

These councils:

  • Regularly make backup copies of contents of the computer. After primary copy of all system was created, include automatic creation of backup copies — so-called incremental backup which does not save repeatedly all data, and only makes changes to primary backup copy of a system. It will allow to save the place on the hard drive.
  • Purchase a qualitative external hard drive. Backup copies of the computer are recommended to be stored on external carriers. In that case the backup copy will remain even if the computer will break or it will be stolen that be on leave not such an exceptional case.
  • Make double copies of important data. Copies of valuable files are recommended to be stored in so-called "cloud" — online storage. Correctly picked up program will help to cipher data so they will be reliably protected not only from public eyes, but also from threat of physical destruction. For example, in case of fire.
  • Check backup copies. Surely check operability of the last backup copy to be convinced that from it it will be possible to recover a system and data. There is no news more sadly on light, than news about the idle backup copy.
  • Include automatic verification of backup copies. The protected data it is optional to check every time manually — the program can do it. Automation of routine processes saves a lot of time!
  • Reduce the size of the backup copy. Before making the backup copy of all system, be convinced that it contains a minimum of unnecessary files. For this purpose clean a basket, delete temporary files from a system. Think whether to include in the backup copy a collection of movies — what is more important, movies or an opportunity to quickly recover the working computer?
  • Make a deep breath before installation of each new version of the driver or program. And also do not forget to create the complete backup copy of all system — changes which are entered into the system with installation of new drivers or some programs can be irreversible.