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The business portal with the unique knowledge base about that as the state and business and also about information technologies in their work is arranged.

TAdviser (from engl. Technologies – technology and Adviser – the adviser, the consultant, the mentor) - the Russian Internet portal and the analytical agency. The name is said as Tedvayzer with an accent on the second syllable.


The TAdviser edition belongs to the individuals having long-term work experience in the Internet and is not connected with other commercial organizations in any way. I.e. is to absolutely independent media.

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Address: Moscow

Chief Editor: Alexander Levashov

+7 926 557 49 79

Deputy chief editors:

( +7 926 839 1851

News service:
  • Vlada Syutkina
  • Sergey Yurtaykin
  • Tatyana Korotkova
  • Olesya Dimitrova
  • Irina Drobakha
  • Aleksandra Kiparova

Service of analytics and marketing surveys:
  • Mikhail Romanov
  • Alexey Shalaginov
  • Albert Bertyakov
  • Maria Popova

  • Dmitry Ilovay
  • Mikhail Santo

Advertizing service:


  • Vladislav Kedrov
  • Alexander Lazarev
  • Sergey Babayev


  • Artyom Vermishev (
  • Alexander Panov
  • Ksenia Berkut

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Zdrav.Expert is the leading Russian online edition about advanced technologies for health care. Key subjects of the portal are:

  • new developments in the field of medical equipment,
  • information technologies for medicine,
  • advanced methods of treatment,
  • state regulation in the field of technologies for medicine,
  • business of the leading developers of medical products.

The analytical division of Zdrav.Expert conducts surveys of customers of medical technologies and prepares researches of different segments of this market.

TAdviser portal is the business portal on which the unique knowledge base in three directions forms:

  • State (organizations, biographies of people, economic and political processes);
  • Business (companies, biographies of people)
  • Information technologies (suppliers, product catalogs, IT projects). - resource No. 1 on the volume of open information on corporate informatization in Russia and the CIS countries.

Our knowledge bases cover all chain from creation of IT solutions before their implementation:

Already today TAdviser is the most complete resource in Russia on all subjects stated above.

The website provides convenient search mechanisms of the necessary IT solution and the IT supplier, on the basis of information on implementations and experience of the companies.

Since 2018 the bank of a photo of IT leading of Russia - works

Audience of

In detail about audience of here:

Data of counters:

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Target audience of the portal are the representatives of customer companies interested in obtaining the complete and objective information from an independent source. Materials of TAdviser are also of interest to supplier companies of IT solutions which need information on the level of informatization of their potential customers and on their needs for use of IT. Besides, the persons watching development of IT market in Russia enter into target audience of the portal (investors, officials, media, expert community, etc.).

Advertizing on the TAdviser portal

Information on advertizing on the TAdviser portal here. - English-speaking media

In 2019 the website - the English-language version of the edition is started. The first project of media in Russia on a machine translation technology. Read more here.

Software platform of TAdviser

Do you want to start new media? Use a software platform of TAdviser which successfully develops since 2009 according to the license and has wide functionality.

Organization of conferences

TAdviser will organize conferences for professionals of the industry of IT. The range of subjects includes the technology directions (EDMS and ECM BI DAY, BIG DATA and DAY and dr).

Example of a conference of TAdviser here.

Always relevant plan of conferences here: Plan of conferences of TAdviser

The largest action is TAdviser SummIT.


Since 2005 analysts of TAdviser conducted tens of researches for the benefit of customers and suppliers of IT systems. Among our clients: GIVTs of Moscow, FGC UES, Energodata, Troika Dialog, EastLine, KIT Finance, Sportmaster, Stockmann, Samokhval, Bakhetle, Baltschug-Kempinski, Russian Standard Insurance, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Sitronics, IBS, R-Style, Abbyy, BearingPoint, SAS Institute Inc., RDTECH, QlikTech, Galaktika Corporation, Technoserv, BDO Unicon, NVision Group, IT and many other less known organizations.

For many years TAdviser creates unique base of projects of the Russian companies from 37 branches of the economy on implementation of information systems of different suppliers.

Information on analytical reports and reviews of the TAdviser Center appears regularly and quoted in the leading profile media devoted to subject of information technologies and communication and also key business publications. In this article the list of the last publications on the basis of data of TAdviser provided in a chronological order - media about TAdviser is built.

Websites: development and content maintenance

Specialists of TAdviser have wide experience in development of the websites of any complexity individually upon the demand of the customer, including, we are probably the best developers of the websites on the Wiki engine in Russia.

The project of TAdviser deserved favorable mentions from Open Semantic Data Association: "Your the Wiki - a tremendous example of capacity utilization of SMW for the solution of real problems, and me it would be very pleasant to nominate it for a rank Wiki of The Month".

Let's design the website according to any your requirements, using the most effective and modern solutions.

Media about TAdviser

Media about TAdviser - in this article are brought together references of TAdviser in other media (analytics, loud exclusive news, reports on actions).

Awards of TAdviser

Main article: Awards of TAdviser

History of TAdviser

июнь.20Research of TAdviser: The quarantine pushed business to investments into the PC
май.20Remote work: organizational and technical solutions. Online conference of TAdviser
май.20TAdviser issued the card of the Russian IT market 2020 which included more than 350 companies
май.20Technologies and solutions of artificial intelligence: change point. Overview of TAdviser
май.20TAdviser100 ranking: The largest IT companies in Russia 2020
май.20Overview of TAdviser Remote work: organizational and technical solutions
май.20Card of the Russian market of industrial robotics: 4 key segments, 170 companies
апр.20The audience of TAdviser exceeded 1 million people a month
март.20TAdviser becomes big: a new record - 214 thousand people a day
март.20IT Government Day 2020 conference
фев.20Big Data and BI Day 2020 conference
фев.20Conference IT priorities 2020
фев.20TAdviser set a new attendance record: 52 thousand people a day
фев.20Overview of TAdviser: Russian market of industrial robotics
фев.20Import substitution 2020 conference: real experience
янв.20TAdviser begins to broadcast in a format of podcasts
янв.20Russian EDMS/ECM systems market of 2019
дек.19Top-30 integrators of industrial robots in Russia
дек.19Informatization of a public sector of 2019
дек.19Overview of TAdviser: IT in banks 2019
дек.19The audience of TAdviser increased by 49% to 795 thousand people a month
ноя.19TAdviser SummIT 2019
ноя.19TAdviser IT PRIZE 2019
ноя.19IT in the industry of 2019
ноя.19IT in a public sector of 2019
ноя.19BPM Day 2019
ноя.19IT in retail of 2019
ноя.19IT in banks 2019
ноя.19Research of TAdviser and Microsoft: 39% of the Russian SMB-companies faced purposeful cyber attacks
ноя.19According to the results of the third quarter 2019 of TAdviser for the first time took the second place of rating of the most quoted media about IT and a telecom in Russia.
ноя.19Special project Toner of Kyocera: three components of environmental friendliness
ноя.19Ranking of TAdviser: 50 most profitable representative offices of the foreign IT companies in Russia
окт.19Systems of artificial intelligence 2019
окт.19IT Security Day 2019
окт.19IT Government DAY
окт.19Optimization of IT infrastructure of 2019
окт.19In the banking sector of Russia API transformation (a research of TAdviser together with PJSC VTB Bank begins with participation Skolkovo)
окт.19Russian market of BPM (overview)
окт.19IT in retail (overview)
окт.19Market of services of accounting: the most developed online solutions in Russia (research)
окт.19HRM in Russia 2019 (overview)
сент.19EDMS and ECM Day 2019
сент.19Big Data и BI Day 2019
сент.19The market of IT services and IT outsourcing in Russia 2019 (overview)
сент.19As the systems of computer vision change logistics and medicine (a research of TAdviser)
сент.19Revenue of the largest IT insourcers of Russia slowed down growth after several years of sharp take-off (a ranking of TAdviser)
сент.19Automation of purchases: experience of the largest customers, structure of the market, trends (research of TAdviser)
сент.19Information technologies in retail: 390 suppliers of IT products and services (card of the market)
авг.19The Russian market of databases waits for repartition. 70% of large corporations and state agencies intend to replace DBMS (poll of TAdviser)
июль.19Security of information systems 2019 (overview of TAdviser)
июнь.19Computer vision: technologies, market, perspectives (research of TAdviser)
июнь.19Video surveillance evolution – from "iron" to algorithms of deep learning (Hikvision special project)
июнь.19The market industrial solutions VR/AR in Russia (a research of TAdviser)
май.19Corporate venture in the IT industry of Russia (a research of TAdviser)
май.19TAdviser SummIT
май.19TAdviser IT PRIZE 2019
май.19IT in a public sector
май.19IT Outsourcing
май.19IT in banks
май.19BPM Day
май.19IT Retail Day
май.19TAdviser100 ranking: The largest IT companies in Russia 2019
май.19Virtual reality or quantum teleportation? Test of TAdviser for knowledge of the Digital Economy national program
май.19The near future of IT market of Russia. Whether to wait for growth? Forecasts of top managers of the largest companies
май.19Who, as than importozameshchat in Russia: large IT projects of 2015-2019
апр.19"Air mathematics". Big Data in the world of civil aviation
апр.19Oracle (the largest state procurements in Russia)
апр.19Card of the "Information Technologies in Bank" market: 230 suppliers of IT products and services, 40 cybersecurity developers of solutions
апр.19Special project of Panasonic Business in touch: as the multikanalnost can make the company by the market leader
апр.19Cloud Day
март.19Special project of Kyocera: hard and soft for digital transformation
март.19Optimization of IT infrastructure (conference)
март.19EDMS and ECM Day (conference)
фев.19Big Data and BI Day (conference)
фев.19Import substitution: real experience (conference)
фев.19IT priritety (conference)
янв.19TAdviser started the first media in Russia on a machine translation technology
янв.19Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) (overview)
янв.19Informatization of a public sector (overview)
дек.18The audience of TAdviser grew by 30% and reached 530 thousand people
дек.18Russian market of BI 2018 (overview)
дек.18Perspectives of development of artificial intelligence in Russia (overview)
дек.18Microsoft (the largest state procurements in Russia)
дек.18Outsourcing market of services of testing of IT systems in Russia (research)
ноя.18Special project of Kyocera: With care of your health and ecology
ноя.18TAdviser SummIT 2018: results of year and plans of 2019
ноя.18TAdviser IT PRIZE 2018
ноя.18BigData и BI Day 2018
ноя.18IT in financial sector 2018
ноя.18id='1'>BPM_DAY_2018 BPM Day 2018
ноя.18IT in the industry of 2018
ноя.18IT Government Day 2018
ноя.18Corporate venture in the IT industry of Russia (Research)
ноя.18TAdviser issued the card of the Russian market of information technologies
окт.18Research of TAdviser: The most mature providers of cloud services in Russia
окт.18Affiliate programs of the Russian vendors of an EDMS/ECM products (Research)
окт.18Russian market of bank informatization (overview)
окт.18The largest IT and insourcing companies in Russia. Ranking of TAdviser of 2018
сент.18Ranking of TAdviser: 50 most profitable representative offices of the foreign IT companies in Russia
сент.18IT in the industry of 2018
сент.18EDMS id='1'>ECM_Day_2018_2 и ECM Day 2018
сент.18Optimization of IT infrastructure of 2018
авг.18The overview of the market of BPM in Russia (Business Process Management Suite)
июль.18Overview: Internet of Things
июль.18Special project "Evolution of DWH: past-present-future". With support Croc and Dell EMC
июнь.18The largest outsourcers of support of SAP solutions in Russia. Ranking of TAdviser of 2018
июнь.18In-Memory Computing in banking, insurance companies and a fintekha
май.18Overview of TAdviser: Blockchain of 2018
май.18The fund of development of the industry grants soft loans for participants of a ranking of TAdviser
май.181x1.TAdviser - new unique service of the organization of business meetings in IT market of Russia
май.18Industrial Internet of Things in Russia. Research of TAdviser and Rostec Group
май.18Import substitution of information technologies in Russia
май.18TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia 2018
май.18TAdviser SummIT 2018
май.18TAdviser IT-PRIZE 2018
май.18IT in retail
май.18IT in the industry
май.18IT Outsourcing of 2018
май.18Banks IT DAY 2018
май.18IT Retail Day 2018
апр.18Research of TAdviser: The largest state procurements of software products and services of Oracle in Russia in 2017
март.18Research of TAdviser: Perspectives of the Russian market of hyper convergent infrastructure
март.18EDMS and ECM Day conference
фев.18IT Government Day conference
фев.18Conference IT priorities
фев.18TAdviser successfully held a conference "Import substitution of 2018: real experience". Report and photo
фев.18The image bank of TAdviser is started
фев.18 TAdviser set a new attendance record: 42 thousand people a day
фев.18Personnel management systems of 2017
янв.18Market of IT services and IT outsourcing of Russia
янв.18Overview of TAdviser: Security of information systems 2017
янв.18Management systems for the normative reference information in Russia. Leading players and main trends
янв.18Test for knowledge of the Russian IT market
янв.18The largest IT budgets and main technology trends of the Russian market. Results of 2017
янв.18The 5th place in the rating of the most quoted media about IT and a telecom in 2017
дек.17The best texts of TAdviser of 2017
дек.17Panel of IT projects of Russia of TAdviser
дек.17Cybersecurity in banks and insurance companies (a research of TAdviser and VMware)
дек.17Research: Current trends in the market of artificial intelligence and machine learning
дек.17The rating of Workflow in Russian EDMS: Continuity of improvement of process management
дек.17Overview: Informatization of a public sector of 2017
ноя.17TAdviser SummIT and TAdviser SummIT 2017. Results of year and plans 2018 and Experts discussed digital transformation on transport within TAdviser SummIT. The report and a photo and Experts discussed IT in banks within TAdviser SummIT. Report and photo and Session "IT in a Public Sector" (TAdviser SummIT on November 29, 2017)
ноя.17ERP systems overview of resource management of the enterprise
сент.17Special project about modern IT infrastructure together with GKS and IBM
сент.17The market of CRM in Russia reached 10.4 billion rubles. Top-10 leaders in revenue. Overview of TAdviser
сент.17"Import Substitution of Information Technologies in Russia" overview
сент.17Import substitution of DBMS and OS in a public sector did not happen. Research of TAdviser
июль.17Overview and rating of TAdviser: Russian market of engineering infrastructure and complex security
авг.17Ranking of TAdviser Profit 50: The most profitable IT companies of Russia 2017
июль.17TAdviser took the 6th place in the rating of the most quoted media about IT and a telecom in Russia
июнь.17The largest outsourcers of support of SAP solutions. Ranking of TAdviser of 2017
июнь.17TAdviser100 ranking: The largest IT companies in Russia 2017
май.17TAdviser SummIT 2017 + Report on TAdviser SummIT 2016. Photo and video
май.17IT Retail Day
май.17IT in a public sector
май.17Banks IT Day 2017
май.17IT priorities of 2017
март.17EDMS/ECM and BPM Day 2017
март.17Research of TAdviser: The largest state procurements of products and services of Oracle in Russia in 2016
март.17IT Government Day 2017
март.17Overview: IT in trade and logistics
март.17Techno revolution in retail trade. What it will be?
февраль.17Import substitution: real experience
январь.17The market of IT services and IT outsourcing in Russia
декабрь.16Overview: IT in banks 2016
декабрь.16Release of the BI 2016 overview
декабрь.16IT Retail Day 2016
декабрь.16Anastasia Kostina of Kommersant is appointed the deputy chief editor of TAdviser
ноябрь.16Security Day 2016
ноябрь.16Release of the EDMS 2016 overview
ноябрь.16Release of the ERP 2016 overview
октябрь.16IT Government Day 2016
октябрь.16Cloud Day 2016
октябрь.16ERP Day 2016
сентябрь.16Banks IT Day 2016
сентябрь.16"Clouds" in a public sector: research of TAdviser and New cloud technologies
сентябрь.16Research Dell EMS and TAdviser: The main IT priorities of business in Russia 2016
сентябрь.16Infographics of TAdviser and NCI: Health online. What will be a health care common information space in Russia?
сентябрь.16Overview of TAdviser of CPM 2016. Systems of increase in efficiency of the enterprise
июль.16Experts called TAdviser edition No. 2 about IT in Russia
июнь.16"Russian market of VRM 2015-2016". Research of BMP Logic and TAdviser company
июнь.16Informatization of a public sector of 2016
июнь.16BigData и BI Day 2016
май.16TAdviser got the award QUANTUM of Rostec state corporation
май.16The first TAdviser SummIT 2016
май.16Mobility Day 2016
май.16Cloud Day 2016
май.16TAdviser100 ranking: The largest IT companies in Russia 2016
май.16IT budgets of regions of Russia. Rating
май.16Repartition of IT market of Russia: 10 candidates for leadership
май.16Ranking of VKS developers in Russia 2016
апрель.16BPM Day 2016
апрель.16Research of TAdviser: The largest state procurements of products and services of Oracle in Russia
март.16Seminar Optimization of IT infrastructure
март.16Poll for IIDF and Microsoft: Cyber crime in Russia and its influence on national economy
март.16IT Outsourcing of 2016
март.16EDMS/ECM and EDI DAY 2016
март.16IT Government DAY 2016
февраль.16IT Banks Day 2016
февраль.16IT priorities of 2016: calls, technologies, experience
декабрь.15BigData и BI DAY 2015
декабрь.15Overview: Information technologies in defense industry complex
декабрь.15Overview: Mobile technologies for business
декабрь.15New break: the audience of TAdviser exceeded 410 thousand people
ноябрь.15TAdviser entered in top-10 the most quoted media about IT and a telecom
октябрь.15Banks IT DAY 2015
октябрь.15IT Government DAY 2015
октябрь.15EDMS/ECM and EDI DAY 2015
октябрь.15TAdviser Profit 50: The most profitable IT companies of Russia
сентябрь.15Cloud OpenStack Day 2015 (conference)
сентябрь.15Large research for Microsoft: 500 companies are polled
сентябрь.15IT outsourcing of 2015 (conference)
сентябрь.15Overview: IT services of 2015
август.15Overview of TAdviser: CRM 2015 of the Customer relationship management system
август.15ERP in Russia 2015 (overview)
август.15Overview: Security of information systems
июль.15TAdviser Report: What Linux and Unix use federal authorities of Russia
июнь.15Big Data and BI DAY became one of the best actions of TAdviser. Report and photo
июнь.15TAdviser100 ranking: The largest IT companies in Russia
май.15TAdviser ERP Day: results of a conference and photo
май.15TAdviser entered in top-3 media about IT by the audience size
май.15Alexander Levashov is appointed the Chief Editor of TAdviser
май.15TAdviser - 10 years: Success story
май.15Services of data centers (DPC) of 2015 (overview)
апр.15Chief information officers of Russian regions
апр.15TAdviser of BPM DAY: super-audience and live discussion
фев.15IT in regions of Russia 2015 (overview)
дек.14The largest outsourcers of support of SAP solutions. Ranking of TAdviser
дек.14Private clouds (Private cloud) 2014 (overview)
окт.14TAdviser of EDMS and ECM DAY
окт.14EDMS and ECM systems in Russia 2014 (overview)
сент.14The systems of a video conferencing in Russia 2014 (overview)
авг.14BI systems in Russia 2014 (overview)
июль.14ERP in Russia 2014 (overview)
июнь.14Market of IT services of Russia
май.14TAdviser won large tender of the Government of Moscow for support of the portal about investments
май.14HRM in Russia 2014 (overview)
апр.14Audience of TAdviser - 310 thousand people. Growth of +26% for half a year
апр.14IT in power of 2014 (overview)
апр.14IT in power and housing and public utilities of 2014 (report)
янв.14CPM systems in Russia 2014 (overview)
янв.14CRM system in Russia 2014 (overview)
дек.13The largest outsourcers of support of SAP solutions: ranking of TAdviser of 2013
ноя.13The audience of TAdviser reached 245,000 people, number of articles more than 100,000
окт.13Experience of use of BI systems in Russia: requests, trends, perspectives (research QlikTech and TAdviser)
окт.13The ECM systems in Russia 2013 (overview)
авг.13IT in regions of Russia 2013
авг.13Ratings of income and the most expensive cars of IT officials of Russia
июнь.13BI systems in Russia 2013 (overview)
март.13The audience of TAdviser exceeded 217 thousand people
фев.13HRM in Russia 2013: Personnel management systems
нояб.12The audience of TAdviser doubled one year prior to 173 thousand people
окт.12BI in Russia 2012: systems of the business analysis (analytical report)
окт.12The largest outsourcers of support of SAP solutions in Russia (ranking)
сент.12CRM system of 2012 (overview)
авг.12TAdviser - the most fast-growing on quoting of media in the sector of ICT
июль.12IT in regions of Russia 2012
апр.12BI systems 2012 (overview)
февр.12Audience of TAdviser - 125 thousand people: growth by 1.5 times in 4 months
ноя.11HRM systems 2011 (overview)
окт.11The audience of TAdviser doubled and exceeded 80 thousand people
июн.11WMS systems of 2011 (overview)
янв.11BI systems in Russia 2011 (overview)
ноя.10The audience of TAdviser grew by a third - up to 42 thousand people
сент.10The size of audience of TAdviser exceeded 32 thousand people a month
июнь.10Personnel Management Systems of 2010 overview
май.10ITpedia ru and TAdviser ru integrated in the uniform portal
апр.10Report of "System of personnel management (HRMS) 2010"
фев.10Change of a software platform and design of the TAdviser portal
(A type of TAdviser till February, 2010 and Design of TAdviser since February, 2010)
окт.09"Systems of the Business Analysis in Russia" overview
сен.09 Reference book "ASCAPC and the Systems of Billing on Deliveries of the Electric Power"
июн.09Open Overview "Systems of Personnel Management"
янв.09Paid Report of "System of personnel management"
янв.09Open Overview "ERP in power and housing and public utilities"
окт.08The paid analytical report "ERP in the food industry of Russia: 17 systems, 96 integrators and 231 projects"
июн.08The paid analytical report "ERP in power and housing and public utilities: 139 projects and 50 integrators"
янв.08Open Overview "ERP systems in the Russian mechanical engineering of 2008"
янв.08The paid Report "ERP in mechanical engineering: 387 projects and systems"
июл.07Open Overview "ERP systems in the Russian trade of 2007"
июн.07The report "ERP in Russia 2007: Industries, Projects, Systems, Integrators"
мар.07Open Overview "Personnel Management Systems (HRMS) in Russia 2007"
фев.07The audience of TAdviser exceeded 1200 people a day
дек.06The report "ERP in trade: systems and integrators of 400 trading companies"
окт.06Report of "System of personnel management (HRMS) in Russia"
авг.06The Russia's first rating of integrators on number of ERP projects
18.05.05Opening of the TAdviser portal

Logo and corporate style

In English

TAdviser (Technologies + Adviser) is a Russian news portal and analytical agency. TAdviser collects and analyzes data on information systems available in Russia and the CIS and on companies offering services in that area. TAdviser begun its work in May, 2005.


The TAdviser portal contains a huge knowledge base that consolidates data on IT markets, key vendors, IT systems, and projects. Our database has a built-in search engine that makes it easier to find best solutions and suppliers. TAdviser is the most comprehensive resource today, containing information on a thousands IT projects.

October 2015: the TAdviser audience has grown 17% to reach 410,000 (monthly).


SAP Microsoft Oracle IBS Analytical research of various aspects of the IT market and content-outsourcing are the other directions of our activity. Our research center has conducted dozens of studies for such clients as Sportmaster, Stockmann, Baltschug-Kempinski, Russkiy Standart Strahovanie, , , , Sitronics, , R-Style, Abbyy, BearingPoint, SAS Institute Inc., Galaktika, Technoserv, BDO Unicon, Nvision Group, IT and others. For many years TAdviser has been generating a unique database on projects implemented by Russian companies from 37 industries.

In what way is the TAdviser portal different from other portals?

  • Profiles of companies, their products, and projects can be published on the site for free. The editorial board provides the news content. There are many useful ways to find the right IT solutions and IT-vendors in our knowledge base.

  • TAdviser audience

Most part of the TAdviser audience are customers interested in complete and objective information about the Russian IT market that comes from an independent source. Our reports could be useful for suppliers of IT solutions, who require information on the needs of potential customers. The audience also includes investors, government officials, the media, the expert community, etc.

The vast majority of TAdviser readers are citizens of Russia and the CIS countries.


In 2013 a number of specialists, who had been into organizing tech conferences for business audience for many years, joined the TAdviser team. TAdviser annually holds about 15 conferences dedicated to such issues as business applications, computing systems and IT-infrastructure use in the leading spheres of the economy. TAdviser SummIT that takes place two times a year is one of the biggest IT-conference in Russia.

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