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Partners of the overview:

The analytical center TAdviser since 2005 collects and analyzes information on market development of ERP systems in Russia and in the world. Materials about recent trends and events of the market are presented in the annual overview, the drivers and barriers influencing its development are considered. Besides, the ranking of the largest suppliers is published, the interview with experts are prepared.

Main trends of the Russian market of ERP systems

In 2016-2017 the most often mentioned trends of the domestic market of ERP systems is an import substitution and transition to cloud solutions. The first trend continues the development in the political and financial reasons. The second is rather reflection of a universal trend applicable to all IT market.

Interview with experts
the President of the Borlas group Alexey Ananyin in an interview of TAdviser told at the expense of what the companies it is possible to grow in mature market of ERP systems that constrains its "klaudization" and what functionality of ERP is most popular at customers.
Yusuf Gafarov, the chief of data processing center "The Bakhchsarai plant "Stroyindustriya" in an interview of TAdviser told about why among different automation systems "Galaktika ERP" was selected and what results managed to achieve thanks to this solution.
the Board member of Galaktika corporation Anton Malkov in an interview of TAdviser told about changes of the domestic market of ERP, sign projects and testing of the systems of Galaktika on the high-loaded tasks.
Anatoly Malnev, the CIO of "the State Research and Production Space Center of M.V. Khrunichev", in an interview of TAdviser told about an implementation project at the enterprise of the "1C: Payroll and HR Management 8 CORP" system, the first results and development plans.
Kaizen, "exact agriculture", "a management system for crop production" — dlya Kuban Agroholding familiar for a long time concepts which help to achieve the best results. According to Leonid Ragozin, the CEO of the enterprise, partly exactly thanks to such approach the company could become one of the most effective land users and one of the largest livestock businesses of the country.
Evgeny Tyurin, the director of the department of business administration of TD "Gulliver and To", in an interview of TAdviser told about implementation of the ERP system from 1C and the main results of this project.
Gleb Gogolenko, the director of the department of information technologies of KBP of the academician A.G. Shipunov told about the key directions of informatization of the enterprise.
Significant innovations of ERP systems

TAdviser learned from participants of the domestic market of ERP systems what important innovations receive solutions of this class and what developers aim at.

Industry specifics of the ERP projects in Russia

As of October, 2017, according to data of TAdviser base, most often ERP systems are implemented in the field of trade – about 15.9% of all projects. At the same time, in a year the share of this industry was reduced by 0.5%. In addition to trade, ERP solutions are most demanded in mechanical engineering, construction, food and chemical industry (in more detail...).

Image:Erp otr 2017.png
Relevant products
"1C-Rarus MTS for 1C: Holding Management and 1C: ERP" is the unified information system constructed based on CPM 1C: Holding Management 1C:ERP the solution "and" which is intended for management of ensuring production in large production holdings using techniques of requirements planning and purchase management and stocks.
the Analytical information system "Vizari" (AIS "Vizari") is the computer web focused information system which allows to create, automatically to collect, to perform processing and information analysis. The AIS "Vizari" increases efficiency of implementation of organizational strategy of the enterprise or organization for integration of production and transactions, to human resource management, financial management and to asset management, due to continuous balancing and resource optimization by means of the specialized integrated packet of the application software providing the general data model and processes for all fields of activity.
Demand of the systems of optimization planning is connected with complication of models of business, growth of number of contributing factors and permanent increase in volumes of managerial data. Such IT systems allow to consider a set of criteria and parameters, restrictions and opportunities when planning and, finally, having implemented the integrated planning, to calculate the realistic business plan. Optimization planning can be used practically in any fields of activity. Especially its application is demanded in planning of operating activities in transport, logistics, power, the industry, agriculture.
"Galaktika ERP" is the full-scale information system developed especially for large and medium-sized enterprises of Russia and the CIS countries, allows to automate activity of both the separate enterprise, and holding in general.
Geography of ERP projects

Nearly 89% of ERP projects of TAdviser base are the share of Russia, 4.2% - to Ukraine, the few less than 3% - to Belarus, 1.4% - to Kazakhstan. Implementations in other countries of the world make about 2.9%.

Among the Russian projects of 42.3% are executed in Central Federal District. Further the Northwest - 17% and the Volga Federal District - 12.8% follows (is more detailed...).

The most popular ERP systems and leading vendors

As of October, 2017 the TAdviser base contains data approximately on 8900 ERP projects. Most of all, namely 2780 implementations, are the share of the solution "1C: Enterprise". The Galaktika ERP systems, SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX are also among leaders (in more detail...).

Relevant projects

The Samara branch "1C-Rarus" implemented the 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 system at two plants of the Volgaburmash company specializing in production of tools for oil, mining and building industry. The new ERP system unrolled in 400 workplaces helped to improve product output planning, to optimize purchase management and to provide timely deliveries of 10,000 names of materials and component parts. Approval of agreements and permissions to production start accelerated. Orders are transferred to work much quicker, operating control behind their accomplishment is organized. Terms of accomplishment of orders are cut almost by half - from 10-16 up to 8 weeks. Orders for production are executed just in time that raises customer confidence to the company.

The Borlas group in May, 2017 announced creation of the information management system by the enterprise for the Russian developer and the supplier of high-precision arms of sea and aviation basing "GNPP the Region". On the 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 platform the following functional areas were automated: operational (production) accounting, supply, accounting and tax accounting, treasury, management accounting. In total more than 100 jobs are automated.

In oil processing and the chemical industry there is more and more relevant a development of the information systems implementing techniques of assessment of durability, a resource and reliability of vessels of pressure on the basis of specially organized non-destructive testing in use. Within step-by-step system implementation at Komsomol oil refinery the system of accounting of a status and repairs of technology equipment on the basis of the solution "Galaxy EAM" is implemented.

Practice of implementation

Problems of implementation of ERP

Implementation of resource management systems of the enterprises for the right is considered one of the most difficult types of projects such. It is difficult to achieve result, it is necessary to put on a project altar much, but the companies also trap surprises which can nullify all efforts.

1C or Galaktika? Than are similar also what the main Russian ERP vendors differ in

Domestic ERP systems gradually become fashionable among the companies of different scale. TAdviser tells about approaches to business of two largest Russian developers of these systems.

What the cost of the ERP project and what shares in it have licenses and services depends on

Implementation projects of ERP systems on average stretch on terms twice, and the cost of services in completion and adaptation, in certain cases, can exceed the cost of licenses by 30 times. Such examples are given by representatives of the companies specializing in development and deployment of ERP. [1] (in more detail)

Whether the Russian ERP is capable to solve problems of large enterprise? TA of the Part

Many Russian companies show keen interest in ERP systems of domestic development recently. Quite obvious aspiration to refuse indexation of cost of licenses for benefit of the ruble prices amplifies a hot topic of import substitution. Whether the Russian ERP systems are ready to scales of large enterprises? Whether are capable to block all range of the tasks facing large business? [2] (in more detail)

Main determinations

Despite the agiotage reigning around the market of ERP systems there are a lot of years, accurate determination of the ERP system and a distinct set of criteria for its identification does not exist. As a result ERP is understood as a huge range of solutions, including the accounting systems with small additions. Analysts of the TAdviser Center offer own technique of determination of belonging of the business application to the ERP system.


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