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  Electronic document management systems
of Enterprise Content Management
Management of corporate information
Partners of the overview: '

Participants of the Russian EDMS/ECM systems market with optimism look at its future, noting that it is still far from saturation. Also the fact that the potential effect of implementation of such solutions is considerable for the companies and the organizations is important. Projects continue to develop actively, automation circuits extend, gradually incorporating the new functionality including connected with robotization of standard transactions, application of algorithms of artificial intelligence, multidimensional data visualization, etc.

Image:Dyn mark ecm 2019upd.png

Results of 2018 for the Russian EDMS/ECM systems market were slightly lower than earlier predicted. According to TAdviser, growth of the market was about 5%, and its volume reached 48.5 billion rubles. At the end of 2018 indicators of a number of large players "sank". On preliminary results of 2019, it is worth expecting growth of the market at the level of 7%, at the same time its volume will not exceed 52 billion rubles.

Revenue of participants of the Russian EDMS/ECM systems market in 2017-2018

' №' Company Status Revenue from an EDMS/ECM projects in 2018, million rubles including VAT including from sales of licenses including from services of implementation, support, training, integration Revenue from an EDMS/ECM projects in 2017, million rubles including VAT including from sales of licenses including from services of implementation, support, training, integration Loudspeaker 2018/2017, %
1Business Logicvendor, integrator1702N / dN / d1994N / dN / d-14.6
2EOS Groupvendor120357938283248331944.6
4Crocintegrator1103N / dN / d1393N / dN / d-20.8
5Digital Design Group (Docsvision platform)vendor, integrator72525746863223539714.8
6Lanitvendor, integrator5501653855191503686
7ID Management Technologiesintegrator547N / dN / d899N / dN / d-39.2
9Directum *vendor378N / dN / d275N / dN / d37.6
10WSS-Consulting *vendor, integrator271N / dN / d158N / dN / d71.5
''* - revenue according to the data provided by the legal person to Rosstat ' 'TAdviser 2019

market development Factors

Interview with experts-suppliers

Electronic document management systems and content managements (EDMS/ECM) - a segment of the market with which the bright events shaking imagination of the public usually are not associated. However the trends and movements connected with real digital transformation of the companies and organizations are shown exactly here and now. How the modest industry comes to the first roles in significant processes of conversions of business models? Vladimir Andreyev, the president of DocsVision company told about this TAdviser.

Ilya Zaychikov, product owner EDMS "THESIS", Haulmont company, in an interview of TAdviser told about key innovations of the latest version of an electronic document management system which is developed by the company, features of its mobile functionality and the export potential.

the Chief executive of DirectumKonstantin Istomin in an interview of TAdviser told about the key directions of development of solutions of the company, features of digitalization of HR processes and future ECM systems which change under the influence of intellectual technologies.

Pavel Kashtanov, the CEO of Syntellect company, in an interview of TAdviser told about key results of 2019, innovations and development plans for the Tessa platform and also building of a partner network by the principle "better has less, but it is better".

Evgeny Kuchiyash, the area development director of ECM of TerraLink company, in an interview of TAdviser told about the factors influencing the sphere an EDMS/ECM systems, perspective technologies and key trends of this market.

In the market of electronic document management systems which traditionally is considered mature there is no stagnation also in mention. Moreover, new players push "old residents" to move quicker. Whether all manage it and as big customers react to it, TAdviser was told by Alexander Rodionov, the director of the department of management of documents of Lanit.

the Market of EDMS and ECM systems changes more and more actively, and the most important factor of transformation is not import substitution at all as some experts expected. Defining are customer needs in scaling and flexible configurations of solutions under features of the specific enterprises and organizations. How requests of clients in connection with digitalization change and as EOS for SharePoint adapts to new conditions, the deputy CEO of EOS Group Soft Evgeny Chervyakov tells.

As of December, 2019, the TAdviser base accumulated over 5.7 thousand projects connected with implementation and development of an EDMS/ECM systems. If to consider statistics for the entire period of observations (since 2005), then it is possible to notice that the greatest number of projects treat implementations of systems Directum Elma Docsvision, "Case", "Thesis" and 1C: Document Flow. The share of these solutions in TAdviser base exceeds 60%.

At the same time, for the last year in it information approximately about 600 new projects appeared. In 2019 the TAdviser base most often was replenished with information on implementations of the Elma systems, Thesis, Directum RX and "1C: Document Flow".

If to consider implementations on vendors, considering all solutions of the specific company relating to an EDMS/ECM, then in this case Top-5 as of the end of 2019, will look as follows: Directum, Elma, "Electronic Office Systems" (EOS), DocsVision and Haulmont [1] (more detailed).

For 2019 there were no serious changes in industry distribution of an EDMS/ECM projects, according to TAdviser base. As well as the previous year, among customers of similar solutions the public sector is in the lead. The financial services industries, construction, trade and mechanical engineering also enter the first five.

During the last year implementation projects of the EDMS/ECM systems were most often implemented in trade (+71 projects), construction (+66 projects), medicine (+47 projects) and a public sector (+42 projects). Read more here.

Relevant projects
In 2019 the specialists of Lanit implemented an electronic document management system "LanDocs: The express" in agro-industrial company Agroinnovation. Within an implementation project which proceeded only two weeks, work with electronic documents of 62 employees "Agroinnovatsii" from the different geographically distributed enterprises was automated. Solution "LanDocs: The express" does not demand from the customer of big finance and time expenditure on system implementation of electronic document management. Deployment, setup and user training happens for several days that allows the customer to begin work with electronic documents quickly.
Executive authorities and local government of the Samara region use the EDMS Thesis for processing of the addresses arriving through the receiving Governor. Over 60,000 appeals only to Administrations of the Governor and over 100,000 on all departments are annually processed. A system successfully maintains a high load and works 24/7. The administration of the Governor managed to accelerate processing of addresses considerably. It became more convenient to collect data for the answer from different sources and departments. There was a powerful tool for preparation of the necessary reporting.
Progress rocket and space center works in EDMS Docsvision since 2011, systematically developing the system and implementing possibilities of new versions of the platform for work with documents: agreements, memos, orders. One of projects of 2019 – automation of work with incoming letters. On the enterprise 300-350 letters different delivery modes daily treat (e-mail, the fax, the courier) – and now all of them are automatically processed in a system to which 7500 unique users are connected.
Automation of control of performing discipline based on DIRECTUM helped T Plus to build a system, convenient and intuitive for employees and the management. Now the staff of the company traces a status of the current tasks in a convenient format and to independently create reports on different types of activity as it is individual, and at all levels of the company.
Interview with experts-customers
For successful work in the hi-tech sector on a joint of IT and finance crucially that processes of interaction both in the company, and with partners were performed accurately and quickly therefore the Russian financial technical-provider "Center of Financial Technologies" in 2008 in some processes began to use possibilities of the Docsvision platform. CFT is an example of the company which, according to vendor, most effectively implements functional and integration opportunities of the implemented platform. Artyom Korotchenko, the head of development of managerial accounting of the CFT Group shared nuances of development of the project.

In 2018 Russia entered into group of the countries with very high to indicators of the Index of development of the electronic government which is formed every two years Department of economic and social development of the UN. In many respects such result is caused by efforts of certain regions which for several last years with enthusiasm create projects of digitalization. Including, in the field of electronic document management which is very important for digital economy and rendering state services. For example, in the Bryansk region the project on the organization of end-to-end document flow of authorities is kept. As it occurs also what already managed to be reached, the head of department of information technologies of department of economic development of the region Alexey Malikov tells.

Pavel Smirnov, the head of the product "Document flow" in PIK of Digital, in an interview of TAdviser told about key IT priorities of PIK Group and advantages of implementation of electronic document management in the construction sphere.

Ivan Fedin, the chief of preschool educational Institution kompanii gazprom dobycha Nadym, in an interview of TAdviser told about features of migration of an electronic document management system on the Directum platform and key processes which were transferred to an electronic form.

Modern products for electronic document management
Directum RX is the intelligent system of management of digital processes and documents developed by Directum company. A system differs in deeply worked functionality and existence of intellectual services which simplify document handling. Possibilities of adaptation under specific objectives and reliable work on large volumes of data allow a system to close requirements within document flow of the companies of any size and the industries.
the Docsvision Platform allows to construct a management system for document flow and to automate business processes of the enterprise. Docsvision are ready-made solutions and applications, the whole gamma of mobile solutions; a system has flexibility, scalability, ample opportunities of integration, meets safety requirements. For convenience of customers of Docsvision it is localized in several languages.
LanDocs represents own development of Lanit company, it is the system allowing to organize work with electronic documents and also to establish cooperation between employees on document transfer, approval and any other transactions with documents.
Tessa – ECM/BPM the platform with the modern interface for creation of high-performance solutions on workflow automation and business processes in different spheres of business. Basic delivery of a system includes the standard solution on registration and approval of documents, management of instructions and standard reports. Flexible opportunities of setup and modern.NET technologies ensure smooth and excellent functioning of a workplace of the user and the minimum response time of the application even in the conditions of restrictions of data transmission channels.
the EDMS Thesis is a modern, reliable and convenient electronic document management system. A system represents the complete software solution which is suitable for workflow automation, office-work and management of workflows in medium-sized and large business companies, on industrial enterprises, in state and scientific educational institutions.

TAdviser conducted survey of the Russian developers SED/ESM-system and partners of the foreign ECM vendors provided in Russia and learned what innovations they prepare for the clients.

World market of ECM
In October, 2019 Gartner released a new "magic quadrant" of the world market of platforms for providing the content services (Content Services Platforms, CSP). CSP in terminology of Gartner is the new name of corporate content management systems (ECM).

Analysts carried the companies to market leaders of CSP Microsoft OpenText, Hyland, IBM and Box. The status of the applicant (Challenger)  was received Oracle Alfresco, Laserfiche, SER Group and Newgen. M-Files and Nuxeo are referred to category Visionaries. The group of niche players included Objective Micro Focus, Everteam, DocuWare, NetDocuments, iManage and AODocs (is more detailed).

Magic quadrant of Gartner in the field of platforms for providing the content services, given for 2019.

2018|Forecast 2013-2017 | [2]#.2A_2017_-_.D0.BE.D1.86.D0.B5.D0.BD.D0.BA.D0.B0_Gartner 2017 | [3]#2015_-_.D0.BE.D1.86.D0.B5.D0.BD.D0.BA.D0.B0_Gartner 2015 | [4]#.2A2014 2014 | [5]#2013 2013 | [6]#2011-2012 2011-2012 | Terminology

Main determinations

What is EDMS

Electronic document management system — the organizational and technical system providing process of creation, access control and distribution of electronic documents in the computer networks and also providing control over flows of documents in the organization.
Problems of EDMS | Classification of EDMS | [7]#.D0.9E.D1.81.D0.BD.D0.BE.D0.B2.D0.BD.D1.8B.D0.B5_.D0.BF.D1.80.D0.B8.D0.BD.D1.86.D0.B8.D0.BF.D1.8B_.D1.8D.D0.BB.D0.B5.D0.BA.D1.82.D1.80.D0.BE.D0.BD.D0.BD.D0.BE.D0.B3.D0.BE_.D0.B4.D0.BE.D0.BA.D1.83.D0.BC.D0.B5.D0.BD.D1.82.D0.BE.D0.BE.D0.B1.D0.BE.D1.80.D0.BE.D1.82.D0.B0 Основные принципы | Основные понятия

What is ECM

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is enterprise content management, management of corporate information resources. The term ECM is meant as the technologies used for collecting, management, accumulation, storage and delivery of information to all users of the organization. Wider concept, than what is put in the concept of EDMS.
Possibilities of ECM | What does EDMS differ from ECM in? | That such ECM 2.0 and ECM 3.0 | ECM yesterday, today and tomorrow

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange
EDI (engl. Electronic data interchange is Electronic Data Interchange) is interaction at the enterprises between computers in the form of the standardized business operations of a standard format. The main objective of EDI is to replace the information exchange and documents performed on paper carriers, electronic document management between computer networks. EDI for many years remained the only form of existence of e-commerce.
Why EDI is necessary? | D0.B8.D0.BC.D0.B5.D1.80_.D1.80.D0.B0.D1.81.D1.87.D0.B5.D1.82.D0.B0_.D1.8D. D1.84.D1.84.D0.B5.D0.BA.D1.82.D0.B8.D0.B2.D0.BD. D0.BE.D1.81.D1.82.D0.B8_.D0.B8.D1.81.D0.BF. D0.BE.D0.BB.D1.8C.D0.B7.D0.BE. D0.B2.D0.B0.D0.BD.D0.B8.D1.8F_EDI Example of calculation of efficiency of use of EDI | EDI in Russia | Price | Project risks | Technologies and standards

Additional and archive materials

Affiliate programs of the Russian vendors of an EDMS/ECM products. Research of TAdviser

Successful existence of software developers in the market of IT products and services impracticablly without existence of the developed partner network. Partners help to reduce costs of processes of marketing and sales, will organize communication between the producer and consumers of software products, provide additional services (including, on development of functionality of basic software and training of customers), solve a problem of geographical completeness of business. TAdviser prepared the overview and the rating of affiliate programs of the Russian vendors of EDMS / ESM-produktov [8] (in more detail).

The rating of Workflow in Russian EDMS

The Russian market of EDMS changes after changes in approaches and business needs. In focus not simply configured movement of documents and interfaces, convenient for perception, but first of all - process performance. The quality of their automation is reflected, including, workflow-engines. Workflow allows to accelerate routine processes and the repeating tasks, increasing as a result performance and solving both operational, and strategic tasks of management. It is possible to analyze relevant opportunities of the Russian electronic document management systems regarding process automation according to the results of survey of suppliers conducted by TAdviser.

During the research of TAdviser 12 developers of electronic document management systems about the opportunities offered by them workflow-engines (the modules which are responsible for routing of documents) within were polled: initiations of processes, start of processes, movement on routes and development of routes. Systems were estimated by 35 parameters, taking into account the level of implementation of functionality and upon its use by customers [9] (in more detail).

How to overcome risks at implementation of EDMS?
If not to consider risks at the beginning of an implementation project, costs for it can increase afterwards, an implementation time to drag on, the planned result will not be achieved, there will be a disappointment in new technologies and optimization in principle.

What are Agile ECM or "flexible" ECM?
For any new event or a paradigm there are always premises which caused their emergence. There were premises and for Agile ECM (it is possible to translate as 'a management system for corporate information, flexible, easily adaptive under new conditions').

EDMS in the SaaS format
Significant trend which is observed now by all experts and which has considerable impact on the domestic industry of workflow automation is EDMS in the SaaS format.

Main software technologies of EDMS

The workflow system of the enterprise incorporates a set of specific organizational, structural and production features, corporate installations, corporate standards and requirements, certain procedures of interaction between services and contractors and so on.
[10]#WorkFlow WorkFlow | [11]#Document_Management_System Document Management System | [12]#GroupWare GroupWare| development Trends

Technique of implementation of EDMS

Implementation of the electronic document management systems (EDMS) allows to increase considerably efficiency and corporate culture of work with documents at the enterprises of any pattern of ownership and also in public institutions.
Information inspection and analysis | D0.B8.D0.B9_.D0.B0.D0.BD.D0.B0.D0.BB.D0.B8.D0.B7_.D0.B8_.D0.BE.D0.BF.D1.82.D0.B8.D0.BC.D0.B8.D0.B7.D0.B0.D1.86.D0.B8.D1.8F_.D0.B4.D0.BE.D0.BA.D1.83.D0.BC.D0.B5.D0.BD.D1.82.D0.BE.D0.BE.D0.B1.D0.BE.D1.80.D0.BE.D1.82.D0.B0 Thematic analysis and optimization of document flow | Development and EDMS setup | Trial operation | Commercial operation | Project management

Basic terminology (GOST P 7.0.8-2013)

  • The document - information Recorded on the carrier with the details allowing to identify it
  • Electronic document - The document which information is provided electronically.
  • Electronic document management - Document flow using automated information system (electronic document management system).

Main trends of ECM
Use of ECM becomes much wider: the modern ECM platform - it is not simple storage of corporate documents any more, and means of joint work for the staff of different departments, the instrument of decision making. It influences both the strategy of vendors, and those expectations which connect the companies using corporate content management systems.
Old approaches became outdated|New solutions will destroy the old market|Mobility and a usability|Attention to clouds

Electronic document management systems, EDMS, Enterprise Content Management, ECM, Management of corporate information What is EDMS That such ECM, the World market of ECM, the Main trends of ECM, the Russian EDMS/ECM market, EDMS in Russia: industry specifics, the Largest EDMS/ECM projects, EDMS in the format SaaS, EDI or Electronic Data Interchange, TerraLink xDE, LETOGRAF, Logic of ECM, SAPERION, TEZIS, ELMA, Corporate Systems – Consulting (KS-Consulting), Digital Design, NAUMEN, Electronic office systems - EOS Group, Cognitive Technologies (Cognitive technologies), Atlas Soft, Haulmont, LANIT, DocsVision (EDMS/ECM system), Case (EOS Group), Directum (EDMS/ECM system), ELMA BPM Suite, NauDoc, E1 Euphrates, 1C: Document Flow 8, LanDocs, EMC Documentum


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