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GDP of $891 for the person



In the capital of Ethiopia prohibited motorcycles

In such a way the administration of Addis Ababa decided to eradicate continuous robberies.

Some companies, especially those which are engaged in delivery of food in July, 2019 suspended activity to understand nuances of the new law. City authorities already announced that they will not begin to make responsible those who use motorcycles in the professional purposes.

Users of social networks are very dissatisfied with the decision of the city administration because motorcycles become more and more popular type of transport because of traffic jams.

In Axum prohibit to build the mosque

In June, 2019 it became known that in "orthodox Mecca of Ethiopia" – Axum prohibit to build the mosque

The ancient city of Axum is the sacred place for many Christians. In the city Maria Sionskaya's Church – storage of the main shrine of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church – the Ark of the Covenant is located.

The chest called by the Ark of the Covenant is stored in the special chapel constructed in 1965 in ten meters from a northeast corner of church at this time. According to the legend, in a chest there were a gold vessel with a god-send, Aaron's staff, two of ten tables with precepts of the Old Testament received by Moisey on Mount Sinai.

In the last centuries the Ark covered with a cover of a green and red velvet for big church holidays at the head of a procession left the temple. Now on a national review only Kovchega's copy is exposed. The original relic is in a treasury and nobody, even the patriarch of the Ethiopian church having the right to look at him. Only one monk – the keeper of a relic – can see the Ark, but the custom prohibits it to talk to strangers and to leave borders of the temple. A position this lifelong, during lifetime the keeper Kovchega himself calls the successor.

In addition to the Ark of the Covenant, in a chapel there are crowns of the Ethiopian emperors, including a crown of the emperor Fasilides who built the temple.

Muslim activists wage a campaign for construction in the city of the mosque, however the Christian community acts sharply against.

For 2019 Muslims make about 10% of the population of Axum numbering about 73,000 inhabitants, and 85% from them are orthodox Christians, and other 5% belong to other Christian faiths.

1959: A visit Selassiye's Mouth in the USSR

On July 9, 1959, the emperor of Ethiopia Selassiye's Mouth attended "The Ethiopian exhibition" in Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography Cabinet of curiosities.

During the visit he presented to the director of Institute of ethnography professor S.P. Tolstov and the manager Sektorom of Africa professor D.A. Olderogge commemorative gold medals.