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Federal Republic of Germany




Average temperature in October. Berlin – 9.4 °C

Peak of a heat in the summer

Time of a pica of a heat in the countries of Europe by data from 1981 to 2010

Weather records in the winter

Data for the end of 2018

History of Germany

Main article: History of Germany

Population of Germany


Share of the population of twenty largest countries of the world percentage of the total population of Earth. 2017.

2012: 82 million people

The population of Germany by the end of 2012 increased up to 82 million people, Die Welt with reference to Federal service of statistics writes. At the beginning of 2012 in the country 81.8 million people were registered.

Increase in number of inhabitants managed to be reached only thanks to the immigrants who arrived to Germany in 2012. Meanwhile death rate in the country still exceeds birth rate. For 2012 in Germany from 660 to 680 thousand children on 860-880 thousand death were born. Thus, deficit of birth rate made 185-200 thousand children that corresponds to digits for 2011.

At the same time the number of immigrants for 2012 grew up in comparison with previous. If for 2011 about 279 thousand people moved to Germany, then in 2012 this indicator increased to 340 thousand.

For 2011 the population of Germany also increased due to inflow of migrants. Before in the country for eight years registered reduction of number of inhabitants[1].

Population density

The person on the Given 2019

Ratio of men and women

Ratio of men and women in the countries of Europe, according to CIA for 2016

Children out of defects


As of 2018


Percent of the children living with unmarried parents in 2005 and 2014


2019: Average age of the population of 47 years

Top-5 the "oldest" countries on age of the population for 2019:

1. Monaco – 53.1

2. Japan – 47.3

3. Germany – 47.1

4. Italy – 45.5

5. Slovenia – 44.5

2018: The share of inhabitants is younger than 14 years

The share of inhabitants is younger than 14 years in the countries of Europe, 2018

40 stains on 100 defects

Divorce rate is at 100 defects for 2019:

  • Portugal: 69
  • Denmark: 56
  • Spain: 56
  • Finland: 55.4
  • France: 55
  • Belgium: 52.7
  • Russia 52
  • Netherlands: 51.2
  • Italy: 48.7
  • Norway: 42
  • UK: 41.7
  • Germany: 40.8
  • Hungary: 37.7
  • Austria: 35.5
  • Poland: 32.8
  • Greece: 22.2


The population share living in the capital

The share of the population of the country living in the capital. Given for the end of 2018.

Death rate

Number of death from the use of drugs aged from 15 up to 64 years on one million inhabitants, 2018
Number of death from the frustration connected with the use of opioids on 100 thousand people (2016)
Annual number of suicides on 100 thousand inhabitants in the countries of Europe. Data on Russia for 2013

Traffic safety

Number of fatal cases on roads on 100 thousand vehicles. Data for 2018.

Car number on 1000 people of the population

For 2018.

The dominating gaplogruppa

Data for 2019

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National structure

Share of the countries of Europe which were born in Russia in the population, 2018.


The country of the birth of the largest group of foreigners in each of the states of Europe. Data for 2018


Data for 2020


Number of Jews in Europe in 1933 and 2015.


2018: Germany - on the 10th place in the world on number of smokers

Data for 2018


Passport force

Data for 2018


Main article: Economy of Germany


2020: The law on failure from brown and coal till 2038

In July, 2020 in Germany the law on failure from use brown and coal till 2038 is adopted.

According to the law, use of coal for power generation can stop completely in 2035. 40 billion euros will be selected for support of regions which economy will suffer because of failure from coal in total.

Besides, owners of power plants which burn brown coal and will stop work till 2030, will receive compensation for the total amount of 4.35 billion euros. Owners of the stations burning coal will receive compensation too, but their amount will depend on the tender.

In 2017 in Germany more than 40% of all types of the fuel used for electricity generation were the share of coal. It is considered a basic reason of increase in volume of emissions in the atmosphere of greenhouse gases.


Germany the leader in a share of the processed garbage

Germany installed the first vacuum cleaners for cleaning of exhausts of a car

In the middle of May, 2019 in Germany began to install the first vacuum cleaners for purification of street air of harmful exhausts. On one of trunk mains of Stuttgart, Nekator Avenue, 17 mobile cleaners were placed. Read more here.

Information technologies

IT market of Germany

Main article: IT market of Germany

Information security

Main article: Information security in Germany

Social networks

Percent of users Facebook from the total number of Internet users in the countries of Europe. Given for the beginning of 2019


Основная статья: Communication (market of Germany)

Health care

2019: Ambulancemen in Germany were connected to telemedicine, and they became better to save lives

At the end of May, 2019 the experimental stage of implementation of a telemedicine system of ambulance stopped in 2014 in the city of Aachen at the western border of Germany was successfully completed. Telemedicine support of rescuers allowed to improve service and to reduce risks, and therefore soon will become the national program. Read more here.

Statistics of diseases


Data for 2016


Data for 2018.



Number of the bands playing metal in style in the countries of Europe for May, 2016


Data for 2019
Number of letters in alphabets of the countries of Europe


Literacy level

The average level of literacy in the countries of the world about 69%. Given for the end of 2018.

Armed forces

Military budget of 1.2% of GDP

The military budget in % of GDP, 2018:

  • 8.8% Saudi Arabia
  • 4.3% Israel
  • 3.9% Russia
  • 3.2% United States
  • 2.5% Turkey
  • 2.4% India
  • 2.3% France
  • 1.9% Australia
  • 1.9% China
  • 1.8% United Kingdom
  • 1.3% Canada
  • 1.2% Germany


Ministry of Defence

Military equipment


Number of tanks in the countries of Europe for 2018

Fighter aircrafts

Number of fighter aircrafts in the countries of Europe, 2019. The source is Global Firepower


2018: The German intelligence spied on the international organizations in Austria

The federal intelligence service of Germany (Bundesnachrichtendienst, BND) performed mass espionage behind communication networks of the Austrian government, diplomatic missions and the headquarters of the international organizations in Vienna, reported the Profil edition in 2018[2].

According to the magazine, the intelligence agency from 1999 to 2006 carried out shadowing on the basis of so-called selectors - the search criterions including names, numbers of stationary and cell phones, faxes and e-mail. In particular, the German intelligence department of the federal chancellor of Austria, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence, the Austrian Interpol, Chamber of economy of Austria, a number of the universities and non-governmental organizations interested.

The campaign for espionage also extended to several tens of embassies and the international organizations, including the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (YuNIDO) and the Office for Outer Space Affairs of the UN. Also intelligence agency the companies with head office in Austria, including the Austrian banks, the enterprises of war and metallurgical industry interested. In total in sight of BND there were about 2 thousand objects.

According to the head of Committee of the Bundestag of control of intelligence services (PKG) Armin Schuster whether PKG will check messages about shadowing in the territory of Austria, in particular, there is a speech about a new campaign or intelligence activities which became known in 2015 mean. The first results of check will be published at the end of the next week, Schuster noted.

Military Internet

At the end of June, 2019 the authorities of Germany and the Netherlands agreed about creation of the first in the history of the joint military Internet. The agreement was signed in Brussels (Belgium) where there took place the meeting of representatives of the Defense Ministries of the countries of NATO. Read more here.

Arms trade

Trade in firearms in the Darknet

Data for 2019.

Number of prisoners

Number of prisoners in relation to population in the countries of Europe. Data for 2018
Data of World Prison Brief for 2018