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Meeting Solutions

The concept of Meeting Solutions (the most faithful Russian translation of "the solution for group chats") was submitted by Gartner analytical company. Suppliers of this Gartner segment includes in the quadrant.

The Gartner analytical company carries such solutions to Meeting Solutions as Microsoft Teams (before Skype for Business), Cisco Jabber and Spark, development of BlueJeans, Zoom, Vidyo, Poly, Huawei, ZTE and a number of other companies. This term did not receive the settled Russian-language name yet. The most faithful transfer — "solutions for group chats" — captures the essence of approach at the heart of which, unlike the concept of Unified Communications (unified communications) not the address directory, but the list of subjects on certain canals lies now.

It is possible to say that there is a shift of semantic accent and not the specific person, but a subject or process becomes the central element.

2019: The Russian developer of solutions for a video conferencing is for the first time included in Gartner quadrant

On October 2, 2019 the TrueConf company reported that Gartner included it in the magic quadrant in a Meeting Solutions segment. The company notes that became the first Russian developer company of the systems of a video conferencing, Gartner included in a quadrant.

TrueConf got to a segment of niche suppliers of this quadrant. Along with it it included such vendors as Huawei, Avaya, ZTE, Enghouse Systems, PGi.

Gartner included TrueConf in the quadrant of solutions for group chats
Gartner included TrueConf in the quadrant of solutions for group chats

TrueConf noted that their arrangement in the block of niche players is caused by the fact that the main market for them are the CIS countries. Could not bring the detailed list of criteria by which their company was included in a quadrant into the companies. This information is not public. TrueConf, however, reported that one of conditions of inclusion in a quadrant is achievement of a certain indicator of revenue. It was not succeeded to receive quickly explanations and from Gartner.

The quadrant of Gartner is used by some customers to select the most appropriate solution under requirements of the IT infrastructure. TrueConf notes that usually the report is intended for the heads in the company making the decision on purchase and implementation. The Russian developer calculates that his inclusion in this quadrant will positively affect its sales abroad, especially in the western markets.