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Ivanovo branch "Rostekhinventarization — Federal BTI", federal state unitary enterprise


Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rostekhinventarization-Federalnoye BTI is the large state enterprise, with more than 80 summer history, having an extensive network of the structural divisions located in all territory of the Russian Federation including in the Ivanovo region (The Ivanovo branch "Rostekhinventarization — Federal BTI").

Rostekhinventarization - Federal BTI, federal state unitary enterprise


The Ivanovo branch has departments and production sites in all large district centers of the Ivanovo region.

Today the Ivanovo branch in addition to a complex of works on technical inventory of objects of capital construction, is ready to offer additional types of service on:

  • geodesies, to topography and land management;
  • to design and technical inspection of buildings and constructions;
  • real estate appraisals, vehicles, actions, business, etc.;
  • to legal maintenance of real estate transactions.