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500 employees in 2017

The PERCo company is the Russian producer of end-to-end systems of security, control systems of access (ACS) and tourniquets. Sales in 77 countries of the world. Own plant to Pskov. 500 qualified specialists in the state.

PERCo in digits

  • 25 years of work in security market
  • sales of products of PERCo in 75 countries of the world
  • the PERCo trademark is registered in 20 countries of the world
  • more than 20,000,000 people pass every day through electronic checkpoints and tourniquets of PERCo
  • more than 15,000 sq.m of production areas
  • more than 500 qualified specialists
  • 37 certified service centers
  • more than 300 dealers and trading partners worldwide
  • divisions on work with clients, service maintenance, advertizing and planning of marketing, development of new goods and implementation of new technologies in St. Petersburg
  • the modern plant in Pskov
  • finished goods warehouses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pskov and the EU (Tallinn, Estonia)


2019: Opening of office in Dubai

The St. Petersburg producer of systems and the equipment of security of PERCo announced on September 9, 2019 opening of the first foreign office in Dubai.

Office PERCo in Dubai

According to the company, opening of office in Dubai (UAE) will allow to meet the growing demand for monitoring equipment of access of PERCo and to strengthen presence of the company in the Middle East.

Office PERCo in Dubai

In the Emirates the equipment of PERCo works more than 10 years. For example, in the largest Middle Eastern trade seaport Jebel Ali more than 70 full-growth tourniquets of PERCo are set. The equipment of the St. Petersburg producer is popular also in other Middle Eastern states: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman.

The office of the company in Dubai locates at the address: tower of Burlington, Business Bay.