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Sosnovsky shipbuilding plant



The shipbuilding plant (shipyard) in the city of Sosnovka of the Kirov region was founded in July, 1924. In days of the first five-years periods the enterprise executed orders mainly for fishing industry of the country. During the Great Patriotic War the plant provided front orders on release of the snowmobile, the torpedo boats TK-D3, the boats P-19. For merits it is awarded the order Patriotic war of the I degree. Until the end of the 1980th years "Sosnovsky shipbuilding plant" was one of leading enterprises on vessel construction for the fishing, passenger and tanker fleet. Despite deep crisis of the 1990th years, the plant managed to save the best traditions of shipbuilding. Today the enterprise takes the important place among the enterprises for construction of a broad spectrum low-tonnage – fishing, passenger and tanker – the fleet.

2017: Restructuring of 1.2 billion rubles of a debt

In October, 2017 it became known that the subsidiary company of Rostec State corporationRT-Capital – will carry out restructuring of a credit debt in the amount of 1.2 billion rubles "Sosnovsky of shipbuilding plant" – the city-forming ship-building enterprise in the city of Sosnovka of the Kirov region participating in accomplishment of the state order on production of the civil boats belonging to the Russian Federation for Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport. The relevant agreement between "RT-Kapitalom", Novikombank, Rosmorport and the plant are signed in September, 2017.

The principal debt of the plant belonged to reference bank of JSC JSB Novikombank State corporation earlier. This debt was transferred "RT-Kapitalom" to itself in connection with presence at the company of the functions of project office not inherent to bank directed to development and implementation of anti-recessionary programs for the purpose of improvement and recovery of the enterprises. About another 1% of a debt belonged to Sberbank, acquisition of a debt at bank is also performed "RT-Kapitalom". RT-Capital is going to carry out debt restructuring within the coming 6 months. About another 10-15% are the share of other types of debt, in addition to a credit debt.

"The task of financial improvement and afterwards complete recovery of productive activity of the plant, including through the actions aimed at providing the enterprise with orders is set for Rostec as the state corporation. At the moment negotiations with a number of potential customers from which we note interest are already conducted. By the beginning of November, 2017 it is going to develop the 3-year plan of utilization of capacity in Sosnovka", – the deputy CEO of Rostec Alexander Nazarov supervising the project in structure of State corporation as the head on work with troubled and non-core assets commented.

Rosmorport Sosnovsky considers "Shipbuilding plant" as partner in providing the state order. Intention about participation of Rosmorport in providing new orders to the enterprise on condition of accomplishment of recovery actions appears in the agreement.