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AWS Transformation Day Moscow

04.02.19, 13:00, Msk

On February 28 in Moscow the first AWS Transformation Day where will be a unique opportunity during one day to learn from you how cloud computing can accelerate transformation of your business will take place.

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  • Date: Thursday, February 28, 2019, 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Place: Moscow, The Ritz-Carlton Moscow Hotel, Tverskaya St., 3
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For the first time we will gather heads, business leaders and technical managers to study advantages of a cloud and to answer such questions as how to optimize costs how to approach migration how to move quickly and safely what is the culture of an innovation and how to apply it to your business.

This action is intended for all those who participate in process of implementation of cloud computing. As for those who only weigh an opportunity to begin digital transformation of the organization, and for those who are in the company which is already plunged into this process

Free registration by link.

Key report

Mark Schwartz, Enterprise Strategist, AWS with the report of Amazon Web Services

Mark has extensive work experience as the IT leading in the state organizations, in the private sector and in the NPO world, beginning from a startup to large corporations. Before arrival to AWS it was CIO in US Citizenship and Immigration Services where he directed large digital transformations, transferring the agency to a cloud, implementing and improving DevOps and Agile technologies and also implementing the design approaches focused on the user.

It is possible to study the detailed program of an action for the link.

What to wait from an action for?

The overview of a cloud on 360 ° and that it can make for your organization

Learn how the cloud can help you to implement innovations, to save money, to increase security and maneuverability. Look how your organization can quicker react to the changing market conditions and raise with ideal scalability.

An opportunity to see that transformation in a cloud really means

For many the cloud represents a step towards to the unknown, bringing up questions of cost, compliance to requirements and security. It is a fine opportunity to receive definite answers on these and many other questions.

Unique opportunity for communication and establishing contacts

Share the experience also the best examples of use with the colleagues, get acquainted with the new intriguing thinkers and expand the network of contacts. All of us together explore the world of cloud computing therefore let's share, communicate and study.

Learn first-hand what others achieved using cloud computing

Be inspired by experience of others: learn that was reached by the organizations using a cloud, and gain knowledge necessary for the maximum use of your potential in a cloud.

To whom will it be interesting?

To business leaders. If you are CFO trying to understand financial influence of implementation of cloud computing, or Marketing the director who aims to provide the personalized consumer experience to the clients, or the CEO focused on achievement of digital transformation - then this action for you.

To technical leads. If you are CTO or CIO which wants to use advantages of a cloud to creation of a flexible IT command and cost reduction, overcomings the difficulties connected with skills, processes and the IT operational model join this action to understand how AWS helps such leaders as you to overcome all these obstacles.

Everything, as for AWS Transformation Day Moscow it is possible to find on the official site of an action.