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Information from cash vouchers will help to calculate revenue of future shop

29.11.19, 15:11, Msk

The Taxcom company participated in a conference of the Union of independent networks of Russia and SPAR International

The artificial intelligence gains steam including in retail. Today machines investigate the market and reveal the goods demanded by buyers, analyze performing discipline of sellers and cashiers, will recognize persons in trading floors, control regiments with goods, queues at the checkout, security systems of different premises. And by that allow entrepreneurs in these or those situations quickly to make decisions. And business speed, as we know, depends on decision making speed.

The union of independent networks of Russia and SPAR International held a conference on the subject "Information Technologies in Retail of 2030". About 80 representatives of the Russian IT market took part in it. And all of them agreed in opinion that information technologies allow retail to save time and money and also provide new sources of information.

At the session devoted to a business intelligence, experts noted that thanks to reform in the field of use of the cash registers data of the checks created by online cash desks when settlings with buyers became a new source of information. Today about 3 million cash registers belonging to the organizations and individual entrepreneurs transfer every day in FTS through the fiscal data operators (FDO) on average 150 million checks.

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Data arrays collect, and for their processing also the OFD financial services are created analytical. Today such services are widely demanded in the market, including in a retail segment. They allow to analyze sales of shops based on turnover of the online cash register equipment, to calculate a credit limit in case of providing the credits to them, to define a rental rate of the areas in shopping centers and do many other things. For example, the Taxcom company which became one of the first the fiscal data operator saved up data already more, than from 18 billion checks. Processing of such information volume by means of "machine learning" allowed to recognize names of goods and types of outlets and also to separate them on categories. The head "Analytics of Data of OFD" of Taxcom company Dmitry Orlov reported about it at a conference.

On the basis of accumulated information from checks of Taxcom creates different reports, considering such parameters as features of goods, its weight, volume, a geographical location, the sales channel (traditional retail, remote trade, etc.), the necessary period and others at the request of the customer. Dmitry Orlov noted that for preparation of reports aggregated data which do not allow to identify outlet are used, to define a TIN and the address of commission of calculations. For formation of aggregated data, at least, 3 same outlets located in one geographical location undertake, and then their data are summed up.

For what it is possible to use analytical reports? For market research, promotion actions, promotion companies, sales of goods in the region, forecasting of revenue when opening shop. It is important that for analytical reports only the base of the depersonalized data is used. The complete information obtained from checks is strictly confidential and is stored on the reliable protected servers.