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Visit CES 2020 as a part of the international trade delegation. The presentation 20.09 in Moscow

13.08.19, 13:28, Msk

U.S. Commercial Service - the partner of organizers of the largest world exhibition of consumer CES electronics which takes place in January 7-10 in Las Vegas, the USA.

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Exhibition profile

The exhibition covers all industries, electronics gdeispolzutsya, and includes, in addition to a huge and most interesting exhibition, a conference and seminars. Among a set of the provided types of goods and technologies:

Under our agreement with an exhibition, we render free assistance to the Russian companies, it would be interesting to them to visit an exhibition in January, 2020, within the international Trade Events Promotion Program project. The purpose of participation in our project for the companies – consulting at the exhibition and by preparation for it, the help with the organization of a tour, increase in efficiency of a trip, the visa help, free registration for an exhibition. A project objective for U.S. Commercial Service – increase in number of the Russian visitors at CES and meetings with the American producers.

We invite your company to visit a meeting presentation of the CES exhibition and our program of assistance to the Russian delegates in Moscow where on September 20 visitors of an exhibition of last years and the new interested companies will gather at 15-00. Participants of a meeting will get priority advantage at all points of the support-program.

The meeting closed only on advance registration (by email, in the presence of places.

How to take part:

Step 1. Write us about your interest to visit CES 2020. Be registered free of charge as the participant of official trade delegation. The staff of Commercial service will help to make this visit to Las Vegas more interesting and more productive.

Step 2 * for the companies in Moscow. On September 20 at 3 p.m. attend the meeting devoted to CES 2020: a speech of experts of the market who were at this exhibition in last years, a meeting with partners in trip logistics, visa questions, the help of Commercial service. Solutions which will help to take a maximum from CES for your business and personally for you.


For the Russian companies registration for all days of an exhibition is free

  • Dates of an exhibition on January 7-10, 2020.
  • Place of Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center: Las Vegas, USA
  • CES 2020 presentation: Friday September 20 3 p.m. Moscow

Meeting of visitors and interested CES exhibition. Trends of consumer electronics 2020. Live interview with participants of last years. How to receive the visa what to watch at an exhibition, planning of logistics of a trip, results vs investments.

Contact us: Darya Kolesnikova, commercial specialist of

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