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<b>Korotkevich Gennady </b>
Korotkevich Gennady


2019: Recognition by the best programmer of the world the 6th time in a row

The graduate student of the St. Petersburg University ITMO Gennady Korotkevich in the sixth time in a row became the best programmer of the world according to the results of the tender Google Code Jam. On August 10, 2019 it is said in the statement on the website of university.

Google Code Jam is carried out since 2003 and it is considered one of the most mass World Cups in programming. Over 50 thousand people take part in tender, and the prize for the first place makes $15 thousand. The final takes place in the different cities of the USA — in 2019 it took place San Francisco.

The championship consists of a set of algorithmic tasks which participants should solve in a definite time. Contestants had to solve six problems, each of which has two conditions of the solution. At first the participant solves by easier method, and then if the answer is right, perereshivat one more, more difficult algorithm.

Gennady Korotkevich completely solved four problems from six, having truly sent both parts of a task. Besides, he successfully coped with one task half, having sent easier candidate solution.

According to the results of competitions  Gennady Korotkevich gained 143 points, having been ahead  of Makoto Soedzhim  from Japan and the student from MIT Andrew He — both gathered on 121 points. Besides, in the list of finalists there was a graduate of the ITMO University, the champion of ICPC of 2015 Boris Minayev (56 points) and one more graduate of the Alma Mater of champions Evgeny Kapun (54 points).

Korotkevich is a two-time winner of the international World Cup in programming of ICPC (in 2013 and 2015), the five-time winner of " Yandex.algorithm " and also the winner and the prize-winner of other international contests. Yet any participant of competitions did not manage to repeat such achievement.

Finaliista of Google Code Jam 2019
Finaliista of Google Code Jam 2019

Korotkevich achieved the sixth in a row victory in the Google Code Jam tournament. Any programmer in the world did not try to obtain such progress: other participants managed to win against a maximum twice.[1]