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Biometric system of VTB

The name of the base system (platform): VTB online
Developers: VTB - Vneshtorgbank
Branches: Financial services, investments and audit
Technology: Cybersecurity - Biometric identification

2019: Announcement

At the beginning of November, 2019 it became known that VTB creates own biometric system. The chairman of the board Anatoly Pechatnikov at a press conference told it about new development of bank.

Using own biometrics we do not conclude legally significant bargains. Our system helps us to struggle with swindlers. It identifies the client quicker, than it is done by us now at a call in call center  — he explained.

VTB creates own biometric system
VTB creates own biometric system

According to Pechatnikov, at the first stage the biometrics will be used for identification of clients on a voice at calls to call center, a System remote opening of accounts or deposits, unlike a Single biometric system to which VTB began to connect the departments in 2018 is not going to use.

A single biometric system assumes carrying out using technology of identification of legally significant transactions. From first-priority which are provided in the legislation now is an opening of the bank account remotely without visit of department, opening of deposits, the credits. Using own biometrics we do not conclude legally significant bargains — Pechatnikov said, having added that own system of VTB is created only for increase in efficiency and convenience of the customer base.

Start of own system of VTB planned for December, 2019. Collecting of soglasiya on processing of biometric data will be carried out through "VTB online"

By November the bank equipped 1 thousand from 1.5 thousand departments for collecting of biometrics. VTB transferred 14 thousand biometric molds of Russians to the general state storage.

To hand over biometric data, it is necessary to become the client of VTB and  to be registered on  the Gosuslug portal. Daley  using the special equipment of the client is photographed and  record his voice. All process takes about 3-5 minutes.[1]