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Cloud of security of KODOS

Developers: KODOS - Security systems (Soyuzspetsavtomatika)
Date of the premiere of the system: May, 2014
Technology: SaaS - Software as service

One of the Russian producers of technical security systems - KODOS company - provided to users service on the basis of "cloud" technologies.

Usually for control and management systems for access, video surveillance, security and fire signallings separate servers where all settings and databases are stored are installed. In addition to servers automated workplaces (Automatic jobs) for operators are established. Such approach, however, is reasonable only for the large systems on big objects and also in the distributed territories where the total quantity of visitors exceeds 5,000 people a day.

For most the small and medium companies installation of widely branched system is simply not necessary. Rather small amount of the equipment for the solution of simple tasks.

Not for all organizations in particular representing small business, creation of own full-fledged security system is a simple task. The cost of a full range of the equipment (readers, controllers, sensors, cameras, etc.) is rather high. Neobkhodimopravilno to configure a system and then and to operate.

Especially for such cases the solution based on cloud computing was developed. Now all actions for setup and operation of a system are made in "A cloud of security of KODOS". Thanks to it, without loss of efficiency and quality, expenses of users were considerably cut down.

All settings of a specific security system are set by technical experts of the company far off. Serviceability check of "iron" happens in the automatic mode, and the data access is possible from any place in the world. And at last, report generation on access control, statistic reports (for example, time of arrival/departure of employees) and similar are configured under specific needs of each client.

The necessary equipment is easily integrated into the system constructed earlier.

Thanks to modularity of creation and use of network technologies, "The cloud of security of KODOS" integrates all geographically distributed objects of the client in a whole.