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Rambler&Co ID

Developers: Rambler Group
Last Release Date: 2020/06/26
Branches: Internet services
Technology: Cybersecurity - Authentication

2020: Expansion of opportunities of safe use of the uniform Rambler&Co ID profile

On June 26, 2020 it became known that the Rambler Group company expands possibilities of safe use of the uniform Rambler&Co ID profile and increases the level of personal data protection – now users can configure two-factor authentication. Such method allows to reduce considerably risk of cracking of an account by malefactors and to prevent theft of personal information from the account.

Rambler&Co ID – a uniform profile for authorization on all Rambler Group projects: having logged in the personal account, it is possible to correspond in Rambler/mail, to buy tickets in Rambler/cash desk and to comment on news about 30 media resources among which there is, Championship, "A secret of firm" and others.

Two-factor authentication considerably increases security at authentication of users. In addition to the main password at each input it is necessary to enter the code created by certain cryptographic rules and existing only within 30 seconds into the Rambler&Co ID profile.

To configure an input with the second factor, it is necessary to connect this function in the section of "E-mail address" of a personal account of Rambler&Co ID and to download a special application for generation of codes. Then it is necessary to tie the profile to mobile application. It can be done by two methods: consider the QR code generated in a personal account on in the application or to manually enter into the application the postal address which is used for an input in Rambler&Co ID, and a key from a profile on the website. After a successful completion of a binding in a personal account confirmation of setup of two-factor authentication will appear – now, in addition to the password, it will be necessary to enter also the six-digit code from the application.

Today two-factor authentication is one of methods of ensuring the maximum security of the account. An alternative method for increase in security of the account is only use of biometrics which we already started at the beginning of this year – for an input in a profile to scan a fingerprint on the smartphone or the notebook enough. Now we systematically expand possibilities of safe use of our services. The second factor is not transferred on the same communication channels, as the first, and it considerably complicates work of the malefactors wishing to take control of your personal data. Even knowing the password, nobody the stranger will be able to enter your profile without codes generated in the application on your smartphone

- Pavel Petlinsky, the technical director of the Rambler portal speaks